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My 6 month olds sleepless nights

Hi Nicola,

Firstly welcome to the PP cafe. I have no personal experience of this but just wondered what the bedtime routine is. My little girl likes a warm bath, then a cuddle and a story then I put her to bed with a bottle and some relaxing music on. She doesn't sleep through but when she wakes it's to be tucked back in or another bottle. Hope you find a solution that works for you and that things improve soon.

Take care, Zoe x


  • Hi Nicola,
    Hope you are well apart from being tired.
    My daughter is also called Katelin
    Forgive me if you have already tried it but could she be waking because she is hungry and needs a bottle/breastfeed?
    Or ready to be weaned onto solids or if she already is she may need 2 solid meals a day.
    Also, is she warm enough or teething?
  • Hi Nicola
    My little boy will be 6 months this Sunday and for about the past month he's been waking through the night after sleeping through since he was 3 months old!!
    I've been putting it down to a combination of teething and hunger!! He's a real greedy guts and has been on 3 meals a day for weeks, saw my hv yesterday and she thinks he may just be having a hungry phase and suggested giving him some cereal with his suppertime bottle. Tried it last night and he was an absolute horror, he woke at 10pm(just as mummy was getting into bed!!!!), midnight, 3.30am and then wanted to get up at 6.30am. Never mind, try again tonight!!!
    Dawn x
  • Hi Nicola
    My Katelin is nearly 17 months. Seems like only yesterday when she was 6 months. Its going by all too quickly.
    After reading the other posts , it does sound like it could be teething thats bothering your little Kaitlin.
    But To rule out hungry you could perhaps give her a top up bottle just before she goes down. Hope you get it sorted soon .Things dont seem so bad when you are not tired.

    Wish you luck,
    Lucy xxx
  • Hi Nicola
    How has your kaitlin been?
    Any improvment?
    Have you tried giving her a little calpol before she goes to bed? She might get a better sleep if she has something to help take the pain away.
  • Hi Nicola,

    I give my two Calpol all the time. Not literally but if jack's feeling poorly i.e. a headache or if he's got a cold then he will have it and if necessary two or three times a day. Also with Charlotte, if she seems not to be herself then she has it to. I even gave her Calpol before she had her injections so that it was already working in her system before the injection was given. I don't give it willy nilly but if i think they need it then i give it afterall if i'm feeling unwell i take something.

    Hope this makes you feel better.

    Zoe x
  • Hi Nicola,
    Zoe's right.
    Ive always given my children calpol if they have needed it.
    I think in small quantities is perfectly safe, so long as you stick to the correct dossage.
    I think it states on the box that its not to be used for too many days in succession, otherwise consult your GP.
    But the same goes for adults. They would'nt be able to sell it if there were any health risks. My eldest who is 9 has had his fair share over the years and he is fine.
    If it helps her sleep then its only doing some good
    I sound like I work for calpol or am on commision or something. Sorry if I sound bossy!!!!
  • D'you think?
    I'll be needing a job when Katelin starts school!!!!!
    Good I'm glad I did'nt come across bossy.
    How is Kaitlin ?
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