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Sleep dispair! Please help us!!

My daughter Maise is 17 months old and has completley fallen out of her routine. She had a bad viral infection two weeks ago so we let her sleep in our bed when she woke in the night. Suprise suprise no she is well she will not sleep in her on room now. We have tried controlled crying but she is a determined wee thing and will just not cry herself to sleep!!!
We are so tierd now that we have given in and let her sleep on our bed, we know we are making the situation worse but dont know what to do. We were thinking of mabye getting her her own bed but is she too young? also I am 20 weeks pregnant so this cannot continue!!!!


  • Hello i'm sorry you're having a hard time. I think it may be a good idea to put her in a bed (or at least change or add something in her room to get her excited about sleeping in there) she is quite young but i think that as long as you have a bed guard and a stair gate on her door it's safe enough and might just do the trick.
    I hope you get lots more sleep soon! x
  • Thanks for your advice. All will be tried so Ill let you know how it goes!!
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