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Well for some reason Jessica has completly changed her sleep pattern this week, i think for the better!
She was going to bed at seven till 6.15 and having two naps in the day morning and afternoon.
This week she has changed it to going to bed at 8.3o till 8.30 and not having a morning nap!


  • That's definatley better, i'd take that if i could!!
  • Yes, i think i agree with you! even though she is up later she is happy just playing with her toys and watching the telly, so i can still get on with my jobs.
  • exactly, and if you are not having to get up in the night, then lucky you.
  • Well i don't know what happened last night! Jessica would not got to bed till 9.30, but that was ok as my friend was staying till midnight and i thought i would get plenty of sleep as Jessica should have slept till about nine!
    Oh no she woke up at 1.15 till 2.30 and then got up at 7.15, so i have bags on bags today and have to go to work later!

    But i can't get annoyed as she has been walking around going Mama, mama
  • Hi Simone,

    The more she moves about the more tired she'll get, that's the theory, doesn't work with Charl!!

    It's nice to hear them saying mama though isn't it.

    Have a good weekend, Zoe xx
  • Oh dear. What are you playing at Jessica????
    Did she just want to play or was something wrong?
    When they have a great sleep pattern, and then something changes it really throws you out.
    When katelin had a couple of bad nights last week,as tired as I was I told myself its temporary and that some of you on here have it every night.
  • Oh I meant Sleep disturbance that is, know!
  • I think she is teething at the moment, so that might be why she woke up! or it was just one of those things!
  • Mum thinks she is trying to drop her morning nap! Will see what happens.
  • Hi all
    Chantelle is all over the place at the mo,she wakes in the night for her dummy to chew on in her sleep bless,just glad im still used to the night wakings coz of riley or i think id be pulling me hair out.hehe!

    Emma xx
  • How old is chantelle now Emma, is she hold enough to put her own dummy in her mouth!
    I found when Jessica could find her own dummy, i put about five in her bed, so she would definitly find one and not wake up! xx
  • She's 6months.
    Thats a good idea she does have a glow in the dark one but the one she likes at the mo is see through so not much luck there.
    Riley has a nigh light somewhere,thought about using that,altho she hates ligh when trying to sleep,in the day she covers her eye's.
  • Jess likes it to be dark too, so before i go to bed i pop in and place a circle of dummys around her head, chances are she will find one!

    Hope you are all ok xx
  • Its a great idea,ill have to get some more dummies wont i.

    We are all ok just the nit picking of who's having chantelle for christmas,my brother wants her but social r the ones being funny.

    How you lot tho.
  • Social can be such a pain in the a***! what do you want as you are the one that looks after her!

    We are all fine, looking forward to tomorrow as i am meeting up with Lucyanne and Katelin xx
  • We would like our own family christmas,just the three of us,we were ment to have one last year but ended up having my mum and her boyfriend over,and said we would have one this year and this has cropped up.It would be nice for my brother mum and dad to have her as no parent should miss their childs 1st christmas.His aloud free acess to visit but not overnight stays just yet.But i think we should come to some agreement.

    Have fun tommrow,im going to take the kids to the zoo if the weather holds out,adi's mum got me the gold card as my christmas pressie.Can take them to meet santa there as well,i let yu no what happens.Are you both going to post in the lounge about your day.
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