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I don't believe it!!!!

I am probably about to completely jinx myself BUT I sorted out Bronwyn's cot today. I cleared it of toys and clothes, set up the aquarium and baby monitor. I was debating when to try her in it. I decided to try tonight and she is currently fast asleep in the cot, having taken less than 15 mins to drop off!

I am amazed!!! And surprised!!!! And happy!!!!!!

I just hope it lasts!!! Fingers crossed!!


  • Well done Bronwyn
    I put Jessica in her own room and cot at 3months she was a bit unsettled for a couple of nights, but then started to sleep through and knock out her night feed.

    Let us know how she gets on, i have my fingers crossed for you xx
  • PS
    Well done you as well xx
  • I am amazed!! She is still there!!!
  • I found all mine slept better once they went into their cot in their own room. I think we disturbed them with our snoring and noises.
    She will probably go right through from now on. Good luck XXXXX
  • Cameron slept in his cot from about 6 weeks as he liked to sleep with arms outstretched and kept waking himself up in his moses basket.
    We moved him into his own room at 3 months and he started sleeping through the night then too!!!!

    Hope you both have a good nights sleep!!!!
  • How did she get on Caroline!
  • Wow!

    Bronwyn stayed put all night! She had some milk at 9.30 and another bottle at 1am. I had to put the aquarium on at 4am as she has this habit of waking up and rather than crying, she lays and "chats" to herself in a voice loud enough to wake the dead!!!! The remote on the aquarium is fab!

    I am going to take the travel cot in my room down later so that for the first time in months I can access my wardrobe!! Not that there is much point as I can't fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes yet!!
  • Thats is really good Caroline, i bet after a few nights in there she will cut out her night feeds.
    That is so sweet that she wakes up chatting, even though its not a nice time of the morning, it must be so funny to hear xx
  • I like waking up to her chatter however I'm not sure my miserable neighbours will agree that its sweet to hear. They tend to write me a letter of complaint that I am too noisy every now and again!

    I am hoping that she will start to cut out her night feeds. Going to up her solid meals in the next week or 2.
  • That is sooooo rude, i would prefer it if someone told me to my face rather than write a letter. I take it they have no children!!

    Good luck with the solids, i bet she will be fine and will love it xx
  • That's fantastic Caroline, well done Bronwyn!!!!!!
    Cameron's also a chatterbox and lies and blethers in quite a loud voice too, luckily we're in an end terrace so there's nobody next door to Cameron's room to listen to his 'sweet sounds'.

    I can't believe your neighbours wrote you a letter, surely you don't make that much noise?!?!?! I think i'd be tempted to be even noisier!!!!
  • I live in a rented house Dawn which was used for holiday makers before i moved in. My neighbours are thus used to having a nightmare with people changing every week. As a single person I was quiet, but they accused me of slamming doors and stuff. Which was funny as I don't ever shut doors. Anyway, gareth is heavy handed and heavy footed and makes more noise than me. One morning we had to leave at 5aam to get Gareth to his base in portsmouth and when i got back there was a letter threatening legal action if i made noise at 5am again! I wrote back to them explaining it was a one off and that they also made noise. I got a letter back saying, basically, that as their noise was justified they could do what they wanted but they expected me to live in silence!

    Needless to say I am no longer as considerate as I used to be!!!!
  • OMG. The things people do. Stuff them, when's the party?
    We used to live next to people who were like that. We got the blame for everything. they made us miserable. We loved the house, but felt we had to sell.
    They had the cheek to moan at us for not having the decency to tell them we had put the house on the market, the poor things found out when the for sale sign went up.
    What goes around comes around though. I'm a firm beliver!!!!

    But anyway, great that Bronwyn loves being in her cot.
  • Firstly, well done Bronwyn on being a good girl for mummy in your own room. Long may it continue.

    Secondly, I can't believe how rude your neighbours are. I once had a run in with my old nieghbour and she was a mum of two!! Jack had a sickness bug and so I was having to change his bedding everytime. As I only had three sets for a single bed I put the washing machine on at 1am and again about 3.30, she came round to the house the next day and asked if I could stick to daytime hours to use the washing machine!! I explained what the problem was but she wasn't interested, she probably would have been happier with my house smelling of sick!

    Some people live on a different planet.
  • They are strange as a week after Bronwyn came home from hospital they put a congratulations card through the door! I often chat to the bloke, who is a good 15 years older than his wife, he's really nice and you can see that his wife wears the trousers. He will pop round if his wife thinks there is a problem. She doesn't say anything and i know that she gets jealous of him talking to other women! (He's old enough to be my grandad) So I always make a point of waving of saying hello!!!!

    Yet, when we flooded it was him that was on the doorstep wearing his wellies and mac asking if i was ok, has the water got in and did i need any help! That sounds soooo dodgy, but it was tipping it down with rain!!!!
  • Hi Caroline. Some people are just looking for reasons to complain and there will be nothing you can do to avoid it. The next thing will be a letter complaining about noise when you weren't even there! I'm lucky in that although I am in a terrace, Bon's room abuts the children's bedroom next door and they have three boys in there. I have images of them talking through the walls in a few years time!

    How is Bronwyn getting on with her new cot? I re-organised Bon's room again today, second time in three months. I had to move a bookcase and a storage unit and although I knew I shouldn't, it had to be done. It has created some space for Bon's new bunk beds.
  • UPDATE!!!!

    Bronwyn slept through the night!!!!!! She woke up at 6.30 and had some milk. I had a banging headache and so put her back in her cot and she dozed of again until 8.30!
  • Lucky you Caroline. Hope your headache isn't too bad.

    Zoe xx
  • Apart from feeling like my brain is about to explode I am fine!!!! Its my sinuses, i get this every winter!! Just dose myself up on pankillers!

    Had Bronwyn at the docs this morning as she has a red patch under her chin in the folds of her skin. Nothing serious but we have a cream to use!
  • Wow Thats Fantastic well done Bronwyn!!! And well done you Caroline!

    I wish we were in some sort of routine, with Amber getting poorly so often it's been near impossible, she's still in our room as she feeds twice a night and she still sleeps in her buggy in the lounge with us in the evenings.

    I have to say you've been an inspiration for me! So last night i tried putting her up tyo bed, she screamed for 40 mins and in the end my dinner was ready it was 9pm and i was in tears! so bought her down and the madam fell asleep instantly in her buggy! she then fed at 9:30 so i made sure she was wide awake and again put her down this time it worked and she slept until 5:20, fed then slept until 8!!
    I'm gonig to try again tonight hopefully it will be a bit more successful!
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