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I know Jessica is to young at the momment, but what age do you give children a pillow in their bed.
I can't find an answer in any of my books!

Thanks xx


  • I think they can have a pillow after 12 months. Katelin still dont have one though.
    I dont think I will put one in her cot. I am going to wait till she's in a bed.
    Both my boys had one at 12 months though.
  • Thanks Lucy
    I didn't realise they could have one that young!
    I won't give Jessica one yet though as she roots around her bed so much, there isn't much point as her head won't be on it!lol
  • ho Simone
    yes, it is after they turn 12 months you can give them a pillow.

    Ikea do these really nice cot/cotbed pillows, which are a really nice flat one to start with. Thats what we got niamh, the moved onto a bigger one.

    Hope this helps
    Kas xx
  • Thanks Kas, will have a look at them later.
    I must admit she does love it when she comes into bed with me and can snuggle into a pillow.
  • Argos do a childrens pillow and duvet set which ha a nice flat pillow, you also get protectors for about £15. Good if they are going into big bed!
  • Thanks Caroline xx
  • Caroline thats the set we got for ethan and its great. Ethan had a pillow at about 15months. Amber will do anything to sleep on one is shes in my bed!
  • We gave Bon his first pillow after he had asked to sleep in the bed and not his cot in a hotel room when he was two and a half or so. Before that he just wasn't used to one. He likes it now and as he spends more time than I would like in our bed, he is used to one. I think it is one of those things that just happen, I'd say the minimum would be when they can sit up unaided and move around the cot so they don't suffocate, but I don't think beyond that there is a right or wrong.
  • Hi Simone,

    We gave Charlotte a pillow in October so she'd be about 20 months. She was full of cold and needed propping up so I used a pillow instead of tilting the cot. She loves it and then shortly after we got her a quilt, even though the sides are still up she loves being cosy. I got the set from Asda.

    Zoe xx
  • Hi ya
    Riley had a pillow in his bed just after a year as i put his cot into the bed and he loved it.Got him a monster trucks duvet set and went into it well with the pillow.
  • caroline, thats the set we got for niamh too. it was a duvet, pillow and mattress protector. it washes well too.

    kas xx
  • Thanks for all your advice girls, might get her one next month and see how she goes
  • robert had one about 14 months,

    i was worried, but he moves and fidges too much to need to worry!
  • I have given Jessica a pillow tonight, i had a very thin one on my bed so i gave her that!
    She thought it was great and snuggled into it straight away.
  • aahh, hope she gets on well with it.
  • I'm sure she'll be fine. They feel like a grown up when they have a pillow like mummy and daddy.
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