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Strange one??? help needed

George is excellent at going down and actually sleeping, for instance he goes to bed at 7:45 and wakes at 7:00.
The problem i have is he sleeps in a sleeping bag, but has recently found he can wriggle to the top of his cot, roll over and stand up, this happens about 3-4 times a night, what can i do to "keep him down" iyswim.
Once he is lying back down he is fast asleep!!


  • Thanks, i have been going in, and not doing any contact anyhow, but will start to laeve him longer!!
  • Tate had a little duvet and pillow as soon as he was one. He loved his pillow! I love sleeping bags but by this age he did sleep better with his duvet.
  • we did the same as you, with niamh, we moved from a sleeping bag to quilt and pillow as soon as she was one, and will be doing the same with tara, she slept miles better.
    good luck
  • George is nearly 15 months, so it may be better for me to move him out of the sleeping bags, may try that tomorrow night
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