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Whats happened!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica has always been a good sleeper, but the last few weeks she will wake up around one from anything to half hour to two hours!
Last night she was a nightmare, i went to bed at eleven and Jessica woke at one, i gave her some milk as she has not been eating properly, four hours later she eventauly went back to sleep till half seven, i know she is teething, but surely it should not bother her that much!!!


  • Simone,

    I feel for you! I've got to go and have a shower but I'll chat to you in abit. Can give you a few things to try before re decorating her room!! LOL!!

    Zoe xx
  • Morning Simone!
    Poor you! Sleep deprivation is one of the worst things!
    Sophie was just one, when my neighbour found me in the garden, swearing that if I had to go near 'her' i would throttle her! We were swiftly sent to a 'sleep clinic'

    Our health visitor was very good so if you get on with yours, it might be an idea to talk to her.

    I agree that the teething shouldn't keep her awake that long but it may be that, it is that that is waking her than if she's already had a fair few hours sleep, she's struggling to get back off? Sorry it's not much help

  • Hi Simone

    Has she had a cold or anything lately apart from the teething,riley used to get worse if he had a cold or was just under the weather.His still a funny sleeper at the mo but his just had that sick bug so im putting it down to that and hopefuly he will get back into a good sleep patern.

  • Thanks girls

    Yes she has had a cold, but is nearly over it, thought she would have slept well last night as she had no sleep yesterday! I had to bring her downstairs in the end otherwise she would have woken the whole street!!
    OH just got grumpy with me as he kept being woken up, so we ended up having an argument in the early hours!Grrrrrrrrr
  • Tell me about it!
  • tell him that it's his turn tonight!!!!
  • He would never do that, its always me who gets up to her in the night! She would cry even more if it was Daddy and not me!
  • PS I have not had a lie in since she was born!
  • You should start getting him to try and put her to bed,maybe read her a story so you can at least have a break every now and then.
    I moan at adi alot for going on about riley wanting him to put him to bed,although his back aint much better he still gets on the floor to read riley a bed time story,and last night i had a good nite sleep only to find the two of them snuggled up together,it was nice coz for once adi didnt wake me and ask for me to riley on my side.

    Dig your heels in,tell him if it only one night a week,could he help you out.
  • I agree! I am always the one who gets up in the night, but it's always Adam who reads their bedtime stories, which gives me a break and also time to come on here!
  • I have tried, but he works evenings, so she is so used to me putting her to bed and if i ask for a lie in or him getting up to her, all i get is that he works full time, so it is my job to look after Jessica!
  • Adi used to work a 12hr night shift in security and on his day off i used to leave riley with hm and go out.He would moan saying its his only time off and my reply was well i never get a break,im a mum 24/7,wife to you,i cook your meals and clean your clothes and tide all day long dont i deserve a break at least once a week.
    Harsh but it did the trick.

    He may work all the hours god sends but just let it be known that you work longer than he will ever have to,we all do as we are mums,but should have a break every now and then.(dont mean to sound offencive by this)
  • You didn't sound offensive!

    I feel bad for moaning about him as he is a good dad, he has Jessica when i go to work, but that is the only time i have a break from her!
    I think she might have had tummy ache last night as it the space of half hour she has had two dirty nappies!
  • Bless her poor mite!

    Have either of you had the chance to go out together and get someone else to have her for a few hours.
    When riley was just a year we left him with adis mum and had a 4day break away,missed him like crazy but we both needed it.
    Im not saying leave her but even if it was for a night.
  • Yes we went out for a meal on Sunday, which was lovely!

    I am going on holiday in a week with my mum and Jessica and i just hope Jessica does not keep us awake all night!
    Taking her to the doctors tomorrow, just to get her checked over!
  • Holiday sounds nice,maybe she might tire better and sleep well,hope so for you.
    Dr's sound good to,just in case.

    Well id better get on as ive loads of washing up,and ironing to do then riley has dentist this afternoon.

    Chat later
    Take care.

  • Hi Simone,
    I really feel you! I am going to do a post about Luka and his constant 4.30am waking. I am so tired too!!

    I think it could poss be her teeth, especially the dirty nappies too? Also maybe she was overtired if didn't have a nap. I know its not much help, but hopefully your hv can help if she's any good.

    Has your OH ever had Jessica to look after by himself for a day? Then he would see what its like. Its a hard job. I've always found it easier to got to work, at least you get a lunch break.

    Take care and have a good day
  • Thanks for your replies

    I think Jessica was over tired and just could not sleep, i put her up to bed at ten this morning as she looked shattered, but she was still crying at half past, so i took her out in the car and she was asleep in minutes!
  • oh, im sorry simone, its awful when they dont sleep well.
    hope you have a better night tonight.
    sounds like a mixture of things.

    dont really know what to suggest but we are here for a moan at if you need it.

    kas xx

    ps, a break is well worth it. sometimes i just get into a right mood and get very down, and i just say to ant i need a break and he sorts a sitter out and we go for a drink or something to eat, just to chat and talk about things. works every time.

    oh, emma, i totally agree, i had the same conversation with ant when i started back to work, he said "what about his time off" and i said the same as you, as a mum, what about my time off. once id said that, he completely realised what i meant, and now, i work when he doesnt, and if he gets a weekend off, we make the most of it as a family.

    sorry for the essay, hope you are well
    kas xx
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