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I need more sleep....NOW!!!!

As some of you may know i've had problems with Luka and early waking.

He slept through fine 7-7 from about 14wks. However for the last couple of months now he wakes anything from 4.30-5am. But it gets worse...The last few nights he has woken at 2ish and won't go back to sleep!!!!

I am so tired. He is teething, but when he wakes he doesn't appear to be in pain, just wide awake. I have tried all the different light shows on his cot, feeding him (he now seems to expect a bottle now anyway!) tried teething gel/calpol/nurofen.

I was really tearful and depressed this morning. I finally got up at 5.30am and woke poor Terry up he was on the sofa bed so that he gets some sleep, and doesn't disturb us with his snoring, ha,ha, we are already disturbed!! He's still in alot of pain after having tonsils out so cant ask him for help, although he has offered to do tonight.

Sorry to go on girls but I can't understand it my other two slept through fine 7-7 from 6wks (tom) and 12wks (tate) and didn't wake through teething or anything. So its all new to me. Theres no chance to rest in the day as they usually nap at different times. I might go and see my HV this afternoon but just wondered if you could offer any advice/help/support.


  • well nicola, I'm in your same boat with Seif and the teething, except that I have one baby whilst you have three to take care of plus a sick hubby.
    I try everything and anything to soothe his teething in the middle of the night - sometimes it works and other times it won't, he just can't get back to sleep from his pain.
    Just as Karen said, it's only a temporary situation....
  • Thanks Samiha, I am not sure if he is always in pain tho, thats the weird thing. He has three top teeth all breaking through at once. But when he woke in the night he was more or less chatting a few high pitched shrieks but that was more like singing to himself and just sounding out then crying in pain. Believe me I know when he's in pain!!! He didn't have red cheeks or anything. I so hope he sleeps tonight. Ive had a busy morning and just down loads of cleaning while all the boys (inc.Terry!) are sleeping. I feel worn out now. I so hope he sleeps tonight...have everything crossed!!!!
  • Oh Nicola i'm sorry. That really is riduculously early!!
    If he's not in pain or upset i'd be inclined to put him somewhere safe even back in his cot but with a selection of toys and try to nap your self. Perhaps set up a travel cot in the lounge so that no one else is disturbed but you can rest.
    Amber was similar for the first few weeks after she was born and i was desperate for sleep so i brought the electric swing into our bedroom and popped her in it with a blanket over her legs. Even wide awake she was quite happy in there and she eventually wentback to sleep! It wasn't ideal her seepnig in her swing overnight but when you're that desperate i thnk you should do whatever it takes!

    I really hope things improve for you x x x x
  • thanks tasha, good idea about putting travel cot in lounge, but terrys in their at mo on sofabed til he recovers. typing this one handed luja on my lap!
  • Hi Nicola, im sooo sorry to hear you are having a hard time at the mo!!

    not sure what to suggest really, but have you got anyone that can help you out, ie family or friends, who can take the boys for a few hours, so that you can just catch up on some well earned rest?? i know its not a long term solution, but it may get you through a few days a bit happier and more alert!

    hope all gets better soon, and dont forget we are here to have a rant at if you need us

    take care
    kas xx
  • Hi Nicola, hope you get some sleep tonight. I do end up going to bed much earlier, around 9pm just so I get some sleep. I don't mind at the mo coz my hubby's but when he's back then I'll get a night off.
    lol. x
  • I am normally in bed around 9.30/10pm I don't feel too bad today, it is amazing how you can function with so little sleep. My hubby wouldn't be able to!!!
  • Nicola, i know how you are feeling but i only have Hollie to look after. She has started refusing to sleep in the day at all, yesterday she was awake from 5am feeding and dozing until 7am. I couldnt sleep as every time i unlatched her to put her down she woke up. She then stayed awake until 9pm. In total she had 10mins sleep all day in the car and woke up as soon as we got home. I couldnt put her down as every time i did she screamed. After her bath last night i couldnt even get her dressed because when i put her down she screamed.
    I finally got her to bed by 9 and was just heading to bed myself at 11 when she woke. By the time i fed her and put her back to bed it was 12 and she woke this morning at 4.45am. She has been like this for the last 3 nights so i have been sleeping between 12 and 5 and that is it. I am absolutely shattered and cant even grab 5 minutes in the day without her.
  • Bless you Karen, I know how you feel, it just exhausting. Especially when you can't put her down in the day. (thomas was excatly the same, he was breastfeed too) You feel they are attached to you permanently. I know you have said before that she won't take any kind of bottles (just thinking you could then maybe get a break and Ian could do a late night feed?) Which bottles have you tried as the Tommee tippee ones are really good. I expect maybe its her teething. Can you see anything yet coming through. Everyone tells you its a phase that will pass which doesn't help at the time, but it will. Luka woke at 3am, eventually went back off (after a 7oz bottle) just after 4am he woke screaming at 5.15 but then did got back to sleep so i got up just after 7am...major lie in for me! Take care xxx
  • hi nicola, glad you managed to get a couple of hours this morning. She isn't always feeding that is the problem it is just that she wants to be held. She does have two teeth that i can see on the bottom but they aren't through yet so i am hoping it is just that.
    Ian and i ended up having a massive row on wednesday with me storming out the house with Hollie in a sling. She slept while i walked which was good and made me feel a whole lot better. And since our argument he has been trying a lot harder to do things with Hollie so i am not doing everything.
    I have tried avent and tt bottles and she wont close her mouth round them. I am thinking of starting to wean her though as Ian can then feed her and give me a break.

    Anyway i feel a bit better as she has had an hour whilst i hoovered today so the house is clean. Ian told me i should leave the hoover on all afternoon.....its so tempting.

    Take care, hope Luka is better today for you xxx
  • Its hard for these guys to change I think, especially when they are older and have this baby thrust upon them!!! Terry is 38 so had quite a while on his own and still likes his 'space' and a little nap!!! I find it unbelievable. But thats just how he is. I must say that 90% of the time he is an amazing dad. And he puts up with me so he does deserve a medal. Keep perservering with the bottles Karen, she may suddenly surprise you. Or try a cup maybe? Im not sure as I only ever breastfed Tom and it was a while ago. He took straight to bottles so was no prob, then like a dream he took straight to a cup and threw his bottle away when he was 9months. Tate will not have a cup for milk tho!! And Luka will not have a cup at all, for juice/water or milk. Its just trial and error I suppose. Sorry to go on!! Im not trying to give you a lecture or anything!! X
  • You didnt go on its fine. Hollie will use a beaker for water as we found out when she had a cold and couldnt feed. It is messy but if desperate we could always do that.
    Ian is the same he is 40 and so also likes peace and quiet and will just go back to bed in the afternoon for an hour. unlike me who cant just leave hollie on her own to do that lol.
  • Ha,ha,ha, its like you have two kids Karen!! Terry is just the same. He will get used to it im sure. It gets better as they get older and they can play with them more. As soon as she holds her arms out to him and says da,da. That will be it!
  • Thats when all men go mushy!
  • Ha ha he is like that already she has started putting her arms around our necks when we pick her up, its as if she is giving him a hug. It is really cute, and she grabs his face and puts her mouth on his cheek as if she is kissing him lol.
  • so cute. Luka does that just the same. its like he's kissing you! My first son was and still is v.affectionate. Tate isn't at all. Unless he is tired or unwell. Luka loves kisses so I hope he is going to be xx
  • How cute of them both.

    Riley is v.loving,his always saying i love you mummy or daddy.
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