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why does she not sleep anymore.... help

Nym has always been a good sleeper, and now this last 6 weeks it's just gone terribly wrong.

I have tried various things and it's just getting worse, she's only sleeping maybe 3-4 hours in a 24 hour period and I'm 8 months pregnant and falling to pieces

She goes to bed at 7:30pm, after her normal bath, massage, milk, story, bed routine. Normally she'd drop off within 10 minutes, now she sits up and chats to her toy rabbit. She's content so I have been leaving her, but she chats to bunny until gone 11 almost every night.
We tried delaying bedtime until 8-8:30 but she is ratty and tired. She will take her self up to bed around 7:45 if we don't so she does want to be there, and I am thankful for that much at least.

She seems to fall asleep between 10:30 and 11:30pm, but wakes up around 1:30- 2am. She is grouchy and screaming , which is unlike her. I have tried calpol, rubbing her back, getting her up, tried classical music, massage, aromatherapy. It's odd but it's like she has developed colic, she screams and cries for 2-3 hours. Around 4-5 am she falls asleep for upto 20 minutes before waking, and then she just goes all day. She has always napped between 1:30- 3pm, but now I put her in her cot and she jumps up and down, sings and plays (only toy is her favorite bunny - so not too much stimulation). The odd day she's fallen asleep for 30 minutes, but that's it.

I feel like I am writing about a newborn, but she's nearly two. She is hitting the terrible twos early with her sleep deprived lack of self restraint, and me I'm shattered. I want 6 solid hours, that's all.... sob.... lol

Help, please.

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