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toddlers sleeping problem

my 22 mth old girl is realy bad with going to sleep untill 10pm then wakes up again at around midnight then stays awake till around 4am its getting bad as its causeing problems between me and my partner of 12 years can anyone help me:\?


  • we had the same problem with my daughter and we had to do it the hard way of leaving her to scream 7 pm we put her to bed and would not go into her till 6 am at least unless she screamed her self sick which we then cleaned her up with no eye contact and left the room againon the 3rd night of doing this she went to bed at 7 pm and slept till 7.30 and still does the same now it was really hard listening to her scream but it worked! we then rewarded her with a glowe teddy which we told her she had to look after him during the night and he still sleeps with her now and has done since she was 20 months old and is now 3 and a half
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