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Another Sleep Issue (lol)

Hi ladies.
Ben is 18mths and nothing in his routine has changed,but now when I put him up to bed at his usual bedtime,instead of going to sleep within half an hour he can be awake for up to 2hrs!
Sometimes he cries,in which case I go up and settle him back down(usually because he has thrown his dummy along with all his cuddly toys out of his cot)but usually he i just chattering and playing for those 2hrs on and off..
My question I suppose i should I just leave it as it is,Its not like he is crying or fussing too much,or should I put him to bed later as he seems to not be tired now when going up to bed at 7pm,I dot really want him to be up much later as 7 is a nice time and works out well for us all I feel.
Anyone elses los doing this??
Wondering if its just an" age thing "lol


  • If this was my lo I must admit I'd stick to his normal bed time because, if this is just a phase, at least you won't have to reinstate the routine. As long as he's happy in bed at least he gets the message that this is quiet time to read and relax rather than play and run round. We have the same problem at the other end of the day but he lays and tells stories to his teddies while we have another hour in bed.
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