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i have a 14 mth lo who still wakes once a night. I give her a bottle and this settles her. Does anyone else have a lo who does this at this age. My hv says this is not normal and to leave her crying if she wakes. I have pnd and just cant leave her crying. She goes to bed betwee 630 and 7, get up about half 1 for 5 mins then goes to sleep til about 6. I'm fine with getting up during the night but need to know if this is ok or is it not normal as my hv says


  • this sounds really normal to me. I wish my 2 year old would wake just once a night - it would be bliss!!!! Could also be due to teething?? Your HV sounds like she lives in an unrealistic world - unless i do!!
  • It's normal in that a lot of toddlers are the same but it's not nessecary! Once they are on proper solid meals they really don't need milk in the night but they wake up for it out of habit and then need it to get themselves back to sleep. It might be worth trying gradually watering down the milk at night untill you are giving just water. You shouldn't get any tears as she won't notice the difference if you do it gradually but you will probably find that sooner or later she decides that the watery milk isn't worth waking up for and starts sleeping through.
    Good luck,
  • ooh yes, I didn't comment on the milk aspect of it all. I would agree with what bedhead says - the milk is more of a comfort thing and now is probably the best time to start phasing it out. :\)

    good luck!

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  • This is probably a really daft question - my lo is 11 months and i really want to get him to sleep through is it to early to start watering his milk down?
    Also is it alright to just add extra water to formula don't know how else it'd work!
    When did you stop giving formula milk altogether?
    I use whole fat milk for cereal and cooking but he's upped his milk intake to 23 - 28 oz in 24 hours - is this loads?
  • As long as it's only at night it's fine, they don't really need the night feeds from about 6 months, once they are taking proper solids. To water the formula down you just add a scoop less formula to your normal amount of water. Leave it at that strength for a bit and then take out another scoop etc.
    Millie never had formula, I breastfed untill she was 10 1/2 months when she weaned herself. She refused to drink any sort of milk so we just made sure she got plenty of dairy in yoghurts, cheese etc.
  • i will start to water down a bottle for night time. Do you think this will work, i've heard a few prople say this but didnt know if it was ok to do.
  • i watered down lo's milk til he got really cross and woke up anyway. recently started sleep training and have all had 6 solid nights sleep in the last 6 nites!! it only took a couple of weeks to work. he is 13months.
  • Hi Curly Claire

    Can i ask how you did this. I seem to find it all a bit hard
  • hi ya my lo is 11 half months and was breast fed up untill a week ago when he decided he no longer wants it so we try and give him a bit of follow on milk which he might have 3 oz just before bed he will then wake up at about 1 so give him more milk he will take 2/3 oz he then gets up at 6 / 530 depends we r trying to get him to eat more during the day to fill him up which is hard to now wot to give him really he has ready brek with whole milk at break fast and at 1030 he has 2 small framache frais yogurts and then lunch is 12 30 a jar of food then a desert jar or yogurts and then a biscuit mid afternoon or bread stick then dinner is 445 again jar and yogurts or banana he still wakes up in night after having this should we try giving more at meal times so you can see it aint just your lo waking in the night im in the same boat so i wouldnt worry to much
  • This is taking a weight off my mind as i thought i was doing something wrong as my hv said this isnt normal. Thank you
  • hi hun joseph slept through for months then he started waking again not for milk but for his damn dummy!!! and because he rams his own head in the bars of the cot!! im knackered! he is 1 btw x
  • my lo is 15 months he started sleeping through at 7 months (with a sleep feed) then about 6 weeks ago started waking up again screaming inconsolable and stayed awake for nearly 3 hours! Refused milk or water. Then about a week ago I realised that apart from moving up the bed and ramming his head into the bars that in his moving upwards he was getting his sleeping bag too tight around his shoulders/neck so have taken it off and trying with a cot duvet. Only prob is that he still moves upwards and I have to go in and cover him up again.
    I did for a few nights go back to a top up feed of 4oz before I went to bed but have cut them out again and he now sleeps through again.

    Ratehr than let your lo's wake you up at night have you tried giving them a dream feed? and then try cutting that out slowly.

    Good luck.
    Each child is different and hv's seem to only be able to go by what the books say!
  • Thanks Nicole, I have a really stupid question, i'm a first time mum and not the brightest, what is a dream feed?
  • hi, i replaced 1oz of milk with water every few days, i know it is hard but you'll be so thankful when your lo goes through the night that you will wonder why you didn't do it before!! ha ha
  • i think i will try this next week. Lifes a bit hectic just now as we just had a death in the family. When things are back to normal i'm def gonna trying phasing out the milk. I would never have thought of all this before, as i said,not the brightest mum
  • hey theres no such thing as an 'non-bright' mum!!! you just learn as you go along! a dream feed is where you do not wake bay, just pick them up and feed them whilst they still asleep. my lo stirred a bit when i first did it , only enough to latch onto bottle, then drank the milk, stopping when he was full. good luck.
  • Hi everyone

    I'm usually on baby forum but just crossed over for a nose.

    My little boy is 7 months and wakes evert night for a dream feed about 1 am, then he's back in his cot 5-10 mins later with no problem but my HV says that's not right at his age and he should be sleeping thru. They get right on my nerves, my hv hasn't even got kids so how does she know!!!!

    I think as long as you're coping then keep giving them a feed, I certainly couldn't let my little man cry, anyway I have to get up for work so need some sleep.

    Anyway its nice to know that other people have little ones up in night too

  • what do you know, lo slept from 6:45 to 5:45 this morning, i thought something was wrong so i was up all night going in and out to check her but she was fine. Its prob just the mmr jab kicking in now but i was so happy this morn. just thought i would share
  • Hi

    My son rayhan is 18 months old. He started sleeping through only since he was 16 months old. Before that he was waking up once everynight, around 3am for a feed then back to sleep. But one night he didn't wake up for his feed, he slept through, up to now. I think it is normal for some babies to wake up in the night for a feed and for some to sleep without it because everybaby is different but I don't think you should worry too much about it, when she is ready, she will do it. x
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