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My Lo is eighteen months, he has just moved up to a new room in nursery and with that his sleeping pattern has changed slightly so he is now only having one sleep a day.

He used to always be an early riser about 5am but we more recently got him into a pattern of sleeping in until 7-8am which was lovely. But now that has al messed up again and he is getting upa t 4.30/5 which is making us all grumpy lol!

Do you think this is just because he has moved rooms at nursery and will settle down or do I need to be doing something else.

He generally goes to bed about 7pm.

Any advise welcome.



  • Have you tried giving him some milk and putting him back down if he wakes early? We do this if our lo wakes before 7 and generally we can get another 1 - 2 hours.
  • Holly did this she used to wake at 6am and then one day just started sleeping till about 8.30, it lasted for 2 weeks and she was back waking at 6am but in the end I just left her to it and when I knew there was nothing wrong I left her to cry and she soon got the message. I personally think it will settle down and you just need to be firm xxx
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