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16 Month Old - Waking Nightly! Help!!

Hey All!

Charlie wakes almost every night between 2/3/4/5/6 sometimes once more often a few times! He did used to sleep thru! But this has been going on a while, first I thought his teeth, then I thought his injections, then because he was poorly... Now I'm running out of reasons other than... habbit??

He doesn't get anything when he wakes, lights stay off - but has a night light and bedroom door left ajar with hall light on (he screams if door is shut!), he doesn't get a drink/or milk/food, he gets laid down give back his dummy and blanket - NO eye contact/or talking. & we leave the room & he settles with that!

But I can't get why he wakes and screams and crys! Night terrors? if so what can I do? Habbit? how do I break it? is there something I'm missing!!!!???

I also have a 9 week old - who 4/5 nights has slept right thru! (*touches wood millions - broke the spell telling people lol*) I'm shattered because my 16 month old is contiuely waking! :roll:

I want him to feel safe, content, & sleep well, not to be affraid to call us if needed - but surely it's not a problem like pain or whatever if it happens every night at vairying times?

Any Advice would really be gratefully recieved! xxx


  • have you tried not going in and settling him??

    It probably is habit as if it was night terrors he wouldn't settle that easy (my 2 year occasionally has night terrors and his sobbing can last for hours and there is no consoling him)

    Does he really scream and cry when he wakes or is it just a moan / whimper? I'm thinking if you tried and left him whether he might settle himself back down.
    I think he's probably waking out of habit and if he cries he knows mum will be there to give him his dummy back and cover him back up

    Just an idea, not sure what else to suggest
  • Yeah he does REALLY scream! - but even if he gets a bad bump he just gets over things quickly.. as soon as I give him a kiss & cuddle he gets over it!

    I might try tonight & just say to OH that tonight when he wakes were going to leave him.. I can peep in his bedroom window from our garden if i'm not obvious he doesn't see me - for my own piece of mind that he's not caught in the bars ect!

    Thank you for your reply Claire a Belle.. I was seeing more and more views but no replys lol I was starting to worry! x
  • no problem, I don't like to see posts not replied to!!

    let me know how you get on tonight. Its such a mind battle with babies and toddlers with their sleep. My boy didn't sleep through til he was 9months and now he's fine (apart from off night terror) but he will occasionally play me up but he just wants his mum!!!

  • Sorry Nat - had a look and didnt reply because Im going through the exact same thing with Tommy but I've made a rod for my own back by falling asleep myself by his bed!!!

    When he was in the cot I was leaving him but since having put him in the bed last week I got myself in a panic that he'd fall and hurt himself and laid down (for a minute) and woke up on the floor in the morning in absolute agony - ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

    Gonna keep looking to see if any of the replies help me too because now he wont settle at all if im not in the room.
  • Just spoke to OH's mum (she's had 6) she just said that they sometimes just get worried about re-settling them selves and to perserve and he should out grow needing me to go in and give him his dummy ect..

    I just can't see what he gets from it tho.. I don't stay with him, or look or talk to him.. not drinks or food.. just plug him and blanket & leave! :lol:

    & a 9 week - done 5/6 nights sleeping thru! & it's my older one keeping me getting up and down! :lol: I hope he out grows it!... Soon! :lol: x
  • Orr hun sounds like you having a bad time of it!
    It sound to me like your doing all the right things, but it just seems like habit. I'm very lucky in the sense that my kids always sleep through from 7pm- 9am everyday but if my oh puts them to bed or they even know he's in they will wake up because he used to always pick them up ect if they cried.
    Sorry i've no advice but hope he gets back into his old routine soon x
  • Hi your lo sounds the same as Connor at the mo, let me know if anything works and hope things get better soon!
  • We're going through the same thing too with my 14 month old - when he wakes he really SCREAMS, scares the living cr*p out of me - but he settles down with his dummy and toy usually, although some nights it takes a couple of hours to get him back off. Like you i'm running out of excuses, teething, illness etc, we've had it all! I was swaying towards possible night terrors but he's not too hard to settle most of the time so after what Claire a belle said i don't think it's that... So frustrating and tiring, esp for you with a newborn! Hope he sorts himself out soon, if he does let me know what you did!! x
  • I could have written your post! Bella is like that (same age too) - she's never been a good sleeper. This week she had one particularly bad night - we all only got 1 hrs sleep. In this instance it turned out she had an ear infection - now obv that's not the reason for her continuous poor sleeping, but the day I found out I put my wedge pillow under her matress and elevated it and for the past two nights she has slept pretty blooming well! I'm hoping this is the solution - maybe worth a go. She has a dummy and a ragdoll he cuddles, these help a bit but sometimes if she drops them and can't find them, it also makes her cry, so not always a help. If this doesn't solve it, I may try a baby pillow as at times she sleeps in our bed (naughty I know) happily on a pillow.

    Bella does have night terrors on occassion too and they are terrifying, she screams as if you are trying to kill her, her eyes are open but she doesn't see you, she won't be comforted, just screams and screams and screams, then just as abruptly she stops!

    Good luck, I know how draining it can be, I've had 16 sleep deprived months and can't imagine how you managed it with a second pregnancy and now a newborn, hope it all gets easier image
  • Lily is the same at the min. It gets to about 11pm and she starts and it is then on and off through out the night...not good when you're not very well and still going to work! Anyway we thought she might be cold but not really sure. Hubby is a pain tho, he can't just let her cry but when we do let her cry she falls back asleep. I have to really cling onto hubby in bed to stop him getting up and going to her!

    Hope you are getting sorted with it now! xxx
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