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Getting lo to sleep through Every night??

My lo started sleeping through at 13months, although her sleeping gets disrupted when we go away as she sleeps in a cot/travel cot which is smaller than her cotbed and also in the same room as us.
When at home sometimes she sleeps 730-7 and other nights she wakes up once. Her wakening varies from 130 to anywhere between 530. So I know its not habit waking at a certain time.
A couple of nights ago she woke at 230 and I did change nappy, teething gel neither made any difference, Her temp was fine and she was setlled on me. She finalyl calmed down on me and she time I put her in her cot she would cry. My husband gets up at 6am and cant sleep through her crying. Usually he gives in and brings her to bed with us or gives her milk. She takes the whole beaker of milk but I told him I dont want to go back to milk during the night. I was up for about 1-1.5hrs. In the end I put her in her cot and sat facing her through the bars, then laid on the floor next to her and she eventually went down. I need my sleep otherwise i have to try to stop myself snoozing off during the day!

I wold be quite hapy to ignoe her so I sleep, but i know that would be mean. Its usually my hubby who wakes me to inform me shes crying. I went into her yesterday with a torch in my hand as she sleeps in the dark. She was lying on her back whinging. So its not like shes waking up and sitting/kneeling in her cot crying like she has in the past. The patting back, shhh technique doesnt make any difference!

Anybody had any experience or tips please. Shes 18months next week.

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  • It sounds mean but if it was me I'd leave her unless she was obviously very upset. Both my two often cry out a little bit in the night but they settle themselves withing minutes quite happily. Unless you know that her nappy is dirty, or has leaked, I wouldn't change that either as changing it will just wake her up and make her harder to settle. I suspect that if your oh normally lets her come back to bed with you then that is what she is crying for, she's learnt that if she makes enough fuss she gets a lovely snuggle!
  • Shes usually crying for a few mins before oh wakes me.
    Her nappy is usually very full which is the only reason i change it if she hasnt settled after 15mins or so mins and does look like she will. I know what you mean by more lilely to wake her, I just felt a bit mean leaving her in a full nappy. I guess i could try and see if she settles more easily.
    Im going to note in the diary for the days and times she wakes to see if there is a pattern i havent noticed! Shen only had an 1hr sleep in om yesterday and slept 730-730 today image
    I might try going in there and lying .in her room with the door shut. so 1) my oh knows im not letting her just cry, 2)see how long it takes for her to settle with her crying.
    She is crying rather than whinging, but not crying like when thye hurt themselves etc.
  • If you know she's not poorly, then I would leave her to settle herself back to sleep if I were you. My lo is 21 months, and we've gone through some stages where he wakes in the nigt and nothing is wrong. he just wants company, and to hold my hand or have a cuddle and basically wants me with him.

    Thats all very well (and quite sweet in a way), but for long term sanity, I can't have that every night, so if I know he is otehrwise ok, I just leave him to settle himself and he usualy does. I tried doing it gradually so I would start with no eye contact, and then not doing the soothing noises, and then not touching him (so not rubbing his back) and then standing by the door only, but all of this seemed to frustrate him. I found that he learned to settle himself much more quickly if I simply didn't go to him.

    It sounds harsh, but when lo was very young, we had dreadful sleep problems with him, and we went to sleep clinic for months, so I was adamant that we would not go back to bad habits!

    Lo sleps well through the night now, but he does wake at about 5:45 a.m. raring to go for the day, which is a bit of a killer!

    Good luck with the diary and I hope you find a pattern so that you can try and deal with it x
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