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At the end of my tether..would love some advice please

My lo (27 months) was a good sleeper until recently. I think he started waking up during the night when his sister was born 8 months ago but I feel like it's been really bad for the last couple of months, with him being up at least once a night. He usually screams like something awful is happening and then calm as soon as I go to him and start asking for things (water, blanket to be rearranged etc). He used to then go back to sleep but more recently he will say 'night night' again, but be screaming blue murder the minute I leave the room. Last night it went on for about 4 hours.

He has a consistent bedtime routine and goes to bed happy.

I am really feeling so fed up with it, especially as I have a 8 month old who is not quite sleeping through (nearly there though) and I feel so exhausted. I do feel like he's just trying it on now. OH thinks we should leave him to cry or do controlled crying but I'm just not sure, just in case he may be feeling insecure at the moment and worry it may make things worse. Is this a CC kind of situation? Any other ideas would be much appreciated. x


  • I'm not sure that controlled crying is the answer tbh. It sounds like he might be suffering with nigmares or night terrors but then once he's awake he's using it as an excuse to play up. I'm not sure what to suggest, he's a little bit young for a reward chart. Does he take a teddy to bed? What about a new teddy that was specialy to keep him safe at night? I've done that before when Millie has been upset at night, told her that one of her toys is going to stay awake to look after her. We also always leave a cup (non spill) of water next to her bed so she can help herself over night.
  • Hi bedhead, he does have the occasional night terror (usually dring the first part of the night and if he missed his day time nap) and then I will just sit with him until it's finished. But, I don't think these other wakings are night terrors. It's a different kind of shouting and he is immediately coherent (and arsey!) when I go to him. Saying that, I'm still not sure controlled crying is the answer for some reason.

    The water thing really is a pain as how can I refuse him water? He's still in a cot and I did try to leave a non spill cup in there but he freaked out. He's so incredibly particular and stubborn!

    He does have a special teddy for bed. I'm not sure if a new one would cut the mustard, but I do like the idea and think I will give this a try.

    Thanks so much. x
  • Hi there, I haven't any particularly new advice other than to say my 3 have been through these phases of night-waking. I used to leave a cup of water outside the door, so at least I didn't have to go downstairs for it.

    I don't think cc is the answer here, but just to ride it out I'm afraid. Try talking very calmly or in whispers - and don't give him any attention other than a comforting cuddle and say its time for sleep now, back to sleep. Be firm and then leave the room - if he screams again, just repeat it's time for sleep now etc.

    I find being comforting, but very very 'dull' in the night works well. Hopefully it is a phase he will come out of soon...

  • Oh Nicole I do feel for you. I was up 12.50 - 3.40am with Spence last night! I know Spence is cutting his 2nd molars on the top but he's so flippin' stubborn and grumpy that I can't get pain relief into him when he wakes. Has Angelo got all his teeth?
    We've got 2 weeks until new baby arrives and I'm praying that his teeth erupt before then.
    I'm going to keep an eye on this thread for tips I can poach, LOL!

    Liz x
  • Thanks mims, that is very good advice actually. I used to use the 'dull comforting' but I think just lately, as the sleep deprivation is getting worse, my approach has been less than consistent! One minute I'll be over the top comforting, the next very sharp with him as my patience wears thin. So, it's good to be reminded. And also that it will just be a phase.

    Liz, I was wondering how you and Spencer are. How has your pregnancy been? Wow, not long must be excited!
    Angelo is also still cutting his second molars, so I guess this could also be part of the problem. It's been going on for so long now though. I do hope for your sake that Spencers teeth come through before baby arrives. Nina also really suffers with teething and two teethers is just miserable!.x
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