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sleeping nightmare!!!!


my lil boy is 22months old and 4 the past 3 weeks hasnt been in bed ASLEEP before 10pm, we have tried no nap - he falls asleep around 5 and wont eat his tea then wakes up moody and wont go bac to bed, tried onlyan hour nap n still wont go to bed. we have a pretty good bedtime routine, bath, milk, bed but still he wont sleep he just gets out a bed and plays wont cry or anything just plays and asks for a video. He does eventually get into bed around 10 and falls asleep on his own and wakes around 7am. i think he is waitibg for us to go to bed aswell. ive tried telling him his teddy wants to sleep but he loses interest in that as soon as i leave the room. if i lie with him he will go to sleep but not really wanting to get into that! im 33 weeks pregnant and really need him back into his routine before baby comes! Any advice greatly appriacated.


  • tried any super nanny stye tricks? My little boy is only one so know its alot different. Does he just play quietly in his room?if so try just leave him then scoop him in to bed when out 4 count.if he just screams have u tried controlled crying?know its hard to leave them upset but if he knows that all he has to do is scream to get u 2 come to him then thats wot he will do.soon as he figures out u wont he should just give up. Maybe he is feeling anxious about new baby?just be persistant in what you do to let him know u mean business!gl
  • You've probably had your new baby by now, so congrats. Hope you've found your answer, as your toddler was probably worried about the pregnancy.
    If you're still looking for answers have a look at
    I have a 2 yr old who's been a bad sleeper until I applied some of the advice in that book. I do not beleive it crying it out, and although I tried it, it did not work for us.
    Good Luck
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