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lolah is 15 months and i was just wondering how much sleep do other lo's of a similar age have during the day?


  • hi there, Shea is slightly older as he is 26months and he still has an average of 2hours in the day and about 12hours at night.

    the guidelines between 1 and 3 years is for them to have a total of 13-15hours a day sleep

    god I wish I could ahve that !!!!!! image
  • My lo is 17mths but has been same for good few months - he has between 11 - 12 hours at night and between 2 - 3 hours during the day...

  • Oscar's 13 months and going through a horrible phase of however much sleep he has in the day getting taken off his 12 hours at night. He had one nap of 40 mins yesterday, went to bed at 7pm woke at 6.10am. So he's averaging only 12 hours and we're travelling so much over the next couple of weeks that it's unlikely to change this year image
  • Some of you are so lucky!

    My dd is 23mths, but since about a year she has been having 11-12hrs each night and most days a nap of around an hour in the day. Honestly, sometimes I'm not sure this is enough, but even as a baby she didn't seem to need as much sleep as my 2 boys did.

    I have tried to encourage more sleep - to no avail! If I put her to bed earlier, she wakes up earlier!

  • Beth's 16 months. She has 1 and a half to 2 hours in the day, and about 11 hours at night
  • At 23 months, lo is having about 11 hours at night and an hour in the day. And this is on a good day! He has never slept as much as other children his age, but I suppose this is just the way he is.
  • My lo has never been a good sleeper. Since 4 months ago when she started properly sleeping through, she has between 10-12hrs at night. she has 1.5-2hrs in the afternoon. Sometimes 2-3hrs if she is teething.

    as one can see it seems to vary depending on what your toddler is like. I belive toddlers should be sleeping 10-12 hrs at night and a nap during the day generally one. They will wean themselves off the afternoon nap but this depends on the child. x
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