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Toddler not sleeping


  • beautiful!!
  • he is soooooooo cute!
  • After sleeping brilliantly since she was a baby my 2 year old has started refusing to go to bed crying her eys out which is horrible. She is also waking in the night and rather than just settle down again she is screaming blue murder and can take hours to resettle and then shes up early. Any advice she has a night light and every comforter going - im pregnant and at the end of my tether!!
  • i am really sorry i cant offer any advise as my 2 year old is still (touch wood) sleeping well apart from the occasional time (like today) she wakes up because something has frightnened her - Has this happened to your daughter ? Mine seemed to have a week or 2 exactly the same after bonfire night last year as she was afraid of the fireworks & still says now every now & again. Hopefully she will settle soon, i totally sympathise with you as i dont think i would be able to cope being pregnant again & so tired (as i am now). I hope you get to the bottom of it, let me know xx
  • Coxley, Amy was the same after the fireworks at halloween though thankgoodness shes settled down now. She was fine when we took her to the firework display & loved seeing them but when she was in bed on her own in a darkened room & she heard 'scary bangs' she got very scared & cried.

    lilyrachel, Do you think your lo could be suffering from night terrors??
    These started when Amy was just under 2, though we discovered that they were worse if she had had some chocolate. Needless to say she no longer gets chocolate & the night terrors arent as bad

    Hilary x
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