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Sleeping Issues!

I don't come on her that often - mainly because I can't find the time!lol - but was wodering if anyone of you could give me some advise.

My daughter is 15months and used to sleep through the night no problem but in the last few months she has been waking up for a bottle at different times each night. At first it wasn't a big deal but now me and partner are knackered all the time and we just don't know what to do!

Any tips you could give me would be great!




  • Are you sure she's waking for a bottle? maybe she's just waking cos she's hot/cold or could her molars be coming thru? My 13 month old has been waking again recenlty and her 1st molars are coming thru. In my opinion if you start feeding her again at night you are making a rod for your own back (sorry). I would try and see if she can re-settle herself without a feed or if she's upset maybe some teething gel/powders?
  • Thanks for your reply!
    She only has two teeth at the moment and we have tried using bonjela when we think its teething but then she'll wake an hour later and not settle at all unless we give her a bottle. I've heard people say to give water but not sure it that would work as she doesn't like water and we have to give her sugar free flavoured water for drinks with meals, etc. Just a bit confused at the moment!
  • I would still be inclined not to feed her at all at nght. she will be waking out of habit and you need to break the habit not enforce it. If she isn't really upset when waking - just awake - I would try and leave her to re-settle on her own. Otherwise comfort her then leave her to fall asleep. She should be having enough food in the day.....maybe give her more food for tea to fill her up?
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