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hi all

I have a 2 yr old boy who used to sleep in his own bed in a room with his older brother, but before xmas he was ill, it was one thing after another so he slept in our bed and now he will not go back into his own bed, ive tried to leave him to cry but we have 3 other children and at 2 in the morning can be quite difficult he cryed for 1 and a half hours!!! when he did sleep in his bed he would wake 4 or 5 times a night , we have another baby due in july and i really want him sleeping in his own room before then, has anyone been thro this or have any great tips




  • hi lisa, sorry to say but I think you just may have to bite the bullet and explain to your other kids that it might be a bit of hard for a couple of weeks but it'll be ok eventually... I'd keep up with the controlled crying... If he's quite an old headed 2 year old then maybe try a star/reward chart if you don't want to do the cc?? hope he settles soon, I'm sure he will it's just hard trying to stick to your guns.. good luck x :\)
  • thanks for both your replies, i am definatley going to give it another go and stick with it, however hard it gets.


  • good luck lisa!!! :\)
  • Hi All

    Well i started last night, and it was tough lol but i didnt give in, i gave dom a bath read him a story then gave him his milk and put him to bed, he was quite happy up there for about half an hr then all hell broke loose!!!! he was screaming and shouting the other kids were moaning lol but i thought im not gonna give in and i didnt, i went up for the final time at 10pm and he went to sleep, then it all started again at 12.30 til 2.30 but i just put him back to bed and he eventually went back to sleep until 8am!! so hopefully things will improve slowly over the next few weeks!! but im def not gonna give in , not now that ive got thro the 1st night lol.

    anyway must go as ive got my 20 wk scan today at 4pm and we r gonna find out the sex, so catch u later

    thanks again

  • keep a diary on what happens i have just been through it with my 2 year old and it does get better i got her a glowe bair from wollies it was well worth the money it has a mood light in it and it really chills her out watching it good luck
  • hi only me lol

    just a quick up date about last night, did the usual routine, he cried for 2hrs but not as bad as previous night fell asleep at 930 woke at 2 went put him back to bed and he slept till 6 so fingers crossed its getting better lol

  • greta news lisa xxxx :\) keep it up it sounds like he's getting the message! my son (16months) hasn't been well for a couple of weeks and has been sleeping in our bed so I'm having to do the same with him as he wanted to stay with us... I must've made it too cosy! lol :\) He'll sleep til about 4.30am then I'm up and down til about 5am then he'll sleep till about 6.30am I can cope with that as he normally slept til 7am before, hopefully once he'll get back to sleeping till 7am. :\) xxxx
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