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waking up all the time...HELP!

my 3 yr old son has never been a good sleeper. He didnt sleep thru till he was almost 3 (in August) then he suddenly started to sleep well, and would go to bed at 7pm and sleep thru till 7am.

Lately tho', he has started waking up about 6+ times, not really settling properly until after 10, so then he is tired for school the next day and his behaviour and concentration have deteriorated badly. Im always having 'chats about his behaviour' with his teacher and he only started school in Sept!!!

It started after I read 'The Gruffalo's Child' to him, he would ask for it every night. Then after about a week he would get tearfull b4 bed, and I would have to check under the bed and in the wardrobe to make sure the 'Bad Mouse' wasnt around!

I have tried to reassure him, Ive told him its just a book and that there are no 'bad mouses', I leave a little light on and leave the door ajar. The bloody book has been hidden away, and now Im all out of ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has anyone been thru anything similar, and if so have you got any advice? Im desperate to sort this out b4 he gets written off as a 'problem child' in school, 'cos Im convinced his 'bad' behaviour is only due to him being so tired. (The more tired he gets, the more hyper he becomes) :\? :\?


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