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Crying in his sleep ??!?!?!

I feel like I'm going mad but last night Zac was quite unsettled, no obvious reason that I can think of (possibly more teeth cutting!?!) and he cried out at about 10.30 and again between 12.30 and 1 ish and and I left him for a few mins (as I usually do) but when I went in to him he still seemed to be asleep so the last thing I wanted to do was pick him up and frighten him... he would cry and then suck on his wrist (its his version of thumb sucking - very strange but whatever works hey!) and then he was ok again for a few minutes then cried again.... I just chose to leave him as he wasn't in distress as such and I thought if I wake him he'll prob be worse but i don't know if I did the right thing or not - he did drop off again and was fine after.... is he the only child that crys in his sleep?? Could it have been a bad dream!? Was I right to leave him? Just was really weird!

Amy xxx


  • hi there, my boy is 26months and does this quite often. Sometimes its a blood curdling scream that scares life out of me but he does it in his sleep. It is probably a bad dream, although what they dream about thats that bad is beyond me!!!
    I usually don't go in as he doesn't wake and he stops as quickly as he starts so i'd say you did the right thing

    Claire x
  • J did this for ages, always at the same time 5am he would cry for about 30 seconds then stop, if I went in he wouldnt even be awake and me shushing him would wake him and make it worse, now I leave him and eventually it just stopped
  • I wouldsay u did the right thing.
    In the past I have gone in and soothed her and ended up having to pick her up as I think I stirred her and she cries even more. It takes a while for her to open her eyes,

    In the last week she has cried a really sad cry in her sleep image My hubbys like u need to go into her. I was like i think shes dreamin and after about 10secs it stops.

    I just wont to call out, its ok J we r here still. Somtimes my oh my say shush lowly so she ca hear us and soothingly. Dont know if is has an effect!
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