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who lets their lo sleep in your bed?

Hi my daughter is 2 next month and we recently changed her cot to a bed. now and then she wakes up early and gets into our bed, because its too early and im so tired i give in and let her. but if its 6 or 7am ill get up and take her in front room. it doesnt bother us too much that she gets in our bed but i cant help thinking that it shouldnt be allowed.
I know i could just be more strict and put her bk into her own bed but i love cuddling up to her.
should i be more strict, is it a problem?
who else does this or the opposite?


  • Hi, my daughter is 5 1/2 months now i still breast feed once in the night in my bed and sometimes we both fall asleep then i put her back in her cot. there have been a few occasions when she was younger when i couldnt settle her unless she slept on me! so i think whatever works, they are still very young to get in a bad habit. as long as its not every night and the only way she will sleep dont worry.
  • Hi

    We do let our 2 year old in with us sometimes too.

    We also have a 6 week old baby and we are so tired with him waking through the night that it's easier to let the older one in with us if he wakes up and we can't settle him quickly, he's started having what we think are nightmares so it can take a while to calm him down if we are trying to get him to stay in his bed. If we take him in with us he can be back asleep in a couple of minutes.

    Like you I worry that we shouldn't be doing it as he will get used to it, sometimes at bedtime he will say he wants to get in mummy and daddy's bed, I feel bad for saying no as he knows he can normally get in through the night so doesn't understand why he can't always.

    It does get a bit crowded in our bedroom some nights, there's the baby in the carrycot at the side of the bed, and then in bed there's me, hubby and our toddler, we don't need any heating on a cold night, it gets warm with the amount of people in there!!

    I wouldn't worry about it too much if it's not a regular thing. If your lo starts to expect to get in and is waking up with the sole purpose of getting in your bed then I would try to get her back on track to staying in her own bed and taking her back when she comes in just so your not stuck in the sane situation a couple of yeats down the line!!

    Hope that helps

    Kelly x

  • my 2 year old has also recently started waking occasionaly in the night crying as if something has frightnened her or she has had a bad dream, and the only way to settle her after is if she comes into our bed or we go down & play which is not sometimes an option at 3am !! She has insisted on having a light on since bonfire night so we think she is still frightened of fireworks & is something hopefully she will grow out of. She doesnt normally ask to be on our bed & am hoping she doesnt make a habit of it as i know it can grown into a trend with kids, but i cant see how once or twice will harm x
  • We only let her in bed with us in a morning for a snug b4 we get up Its only a problem if you think it is if it doesnt bother you then that fine my lo slept in our bed every night till she was about 18mths then we put her cot into a bed and overnight she slept in hers
  • Grace is 14 months and has always been a light sleeper and usually has eneded up in bed with us at some point in the night, but we sometimes manage to pop her back into her cot.
    At 7 months, we moved house and needed some building work, so she ended up in our room for a few weeks and unfortunatley this made the transition of going back to her own room even harder. She will now settle in her own bed (after lots of cuddles and sometines rocking), but still often ends up back with us!
    Saying all of that, the last few nights she has slept through image but I shouldn't count my chickens just yet!
    As soon as she is ill though, she just wants to be with us and when we are knackered, its just easier to give in..... I know its naughty of us, but we need sleep too!
    (Don't let the HV's hear us say this!)

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  • Hi This is not a problem at all, even our doctor said his lo's done exactly the same, mine does exactly the same, one of my friends said to me the other week make the most of it cause soon they wont want to do it at all.
  • my two yr old slep in with us till she was about 18 months as although had been sleeping in her own bed at 7 months for a whileuntil she started getting nite terros and came back into bed with us.
    I'm the same as u in that it doesn't really bother me as i like to cuddle up to her and we have a big bed anyway.
    I do think thou it is importnant that they don't reliy on u to sleep which our daughter doesn't she's now back in her own room and most days sleeps through but then on some occasions she comes in with us in the middle of the night!
  • y eldest who will be 3 in march sleeps with us she suffers from really bad night terrors and screams every hour every night so it was easier to have her with me so she didnt disturb rest of house. I cant get her out of the bed though she calls it her bed!

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