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wont stay in his own bed

my son is 2 years and 2 months and he goes to bed fine but then early hours of morning he will wake up and come into our bed and if we try and put him back in his bed he screams that he doesnt want to. has anybody been through this or just got any advice please i just want my bed back lol


  • OMG have exactly the same problem with dd who's 2yrs 5 months!
    That being said last night she slept in her own bed all night, although did call out at about 3 but must have settled herself!
    We've tried so many things shut door open door, stair gate, night lights, stories about how teddy needs her to stay in bed and look after him, lights on the landing....the list goes on!

    The only thing different about last night was that all lights were off besides nightlights in her room?! and door pulled too ( closed) i wonder whether she assumed door was closed and didn't try to get out?!

    Sorry for the ramble, let me know if u find a soloution!
  • My daughter is the same age and we are having the same problem we tried a bed but she was worse so we have put her back in a cot and a sleeping bag and she still manages to get out but she was a nightmare as soon as we put her to bed and alnight and with a little boy of 7 months it was a nightmare as she wakes him up but she has a cot bed so we have taken the base off the cot bed and put the travel cot inside it so she can not get out and at least she now sleeps, if she doesnt she is so cranky the next day, I have never known a child who can climb out of almost anything good luck to you all x
  • thank you for your replies. i know we shouldnt but when he wont go back into his bed we put him in with us just so we can get some sleep. we have a 6 month old little girl aswell and he wakes her at 6 every morning. sorry for rambling its just i need a full night sleep xxx
  • Lisa i know what you mean as we also have a 7 month old who our daughter wakes up when she gets out of bed and we put her in with us but she is such a fidget and kept us awake all night at least now she can not get out of her cot she sleeps well and we are all happy x
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