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Sleep trouble....again!

I'm not sure if it's all to do with the light nights but lo is struggling to go off on a night, we're currently taking it in turns to put her down (5th time so far.) She is really tired at bedtime (7pm) but just recently she won't go off.

What can I do??


  • Hi
    I am having the same trouble with Eve who is 22 months.I had been leaving her and going back in every 2 minutes but that didn't seem to be working
    so I have been sitting by her bed which seems to get her off quicker.
    I just don't want it to become a habit and be spending my whole evening sitting on her bedroom floor !!!!!!!!!
  • We've been really lucky with our LO, since he was 9 months he's generally been ok.. the odd trouble when he's been ill but so far so good. Before 9 months was a different matter and I refused to let him cry. Finally found a book in the library called `the no cry sleep solution' by Elizabeth Pantley. It's all comon sense but gives you ideas to try and some science/ reasons for problems. I've now bought the one for toddlers, just in case!

    Even if you still have trouble I think it helps to know why they sleep (or not) the way they do!

    Good luck and I hope you all sleep well.
  • hi im having trouble with my daughter. she is 20 months old and has just l8ly will not go 2 sleep in her own room. and if u wait for her2 fall asleep and thn take her 2 bed she ends up wakin up few hours l8er and comni up and gettin in bed with me... finding it pretty hard atm as i want wanna relax with bein nearly 32 weeks pg but she just ill not go in her own room any more.. any ideas ladies image xxx
  • Isaac ahs always been really good at going to bed, but we have just moved him from his cot into a big bed and for the first 2 weeks he was fine but now he has discovered he can get up, so he does several times, out of his room, playing with his toys, he eventually goes down but then he is up at 5 am, I am knackered. Sorry cant be much help but at least you are not alone. x
  • Thank you all for your replies, might try and find a copy of the no cry sleep book, sounds rather good. Lets hope she gets the message soon and realises she WILL go to sleep and that she WON'T be getting out of bed!!! Yeah right!
  • lol yeh i wish my lilin wud learn that... if u egnore her she makes her self chock so u have 2 go up 2 her .. wish shed go bk in her bed :P xx
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