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I am after some serious sleep advice! Holly just never seems to sleep! She has practically stopped napping through the day and will only go off to sleep if she is being pushed in her buggy (takes about an hour walking) or if we are out in the car. If she does go off to sleep she will have about an hour.

We put her to bed at 7pm and she normally goes down no bother (because she is so tired) but then I can be up anything from 6 to 12 times a night! I dont think there is anything wrong with her I just think its a habit she is in. Then come 5.30 6am she thinks its time to get up, some days I am so exhausted I leave her in her room so I can get an extra half an hour and she will play away for 10 15 mins till she gets bored.

I take her out every day and she walks loads (at least a mile a day) I really don't know what to try next with her. I have tried getting in touch with my HV but as I havent even been allocated one and noone seems in any hurry to do it (I call every week) my doctor is usless I really don't know what to try next.
Has anyone get any suggestions??? Will it ever get any better???
Amy xxx


  • hello,
    My dd didnt sleep through until 12mths and it was still hit and miss if she woke up once. Now at 18months she has been sleeping through all nights for the last 2 months...yippee! I gifured out she was waking around 1-3 and my husband used to wake me to go and get her. I told my husband to ignore her and she will eventually go back to sleep. She wasnt crying because she wanted something or anything. I have also put her cotbed cover (thin quilt i guess u can call it) which she sometimes goes under. Not sure if she was waking because she was slightly cold.

    Next time she wakes in teh ngith stay in bed and if she isn just whinging crying leave her and see if she eventually gives up and goes back to sleep. My lo goes down around 730pm.

    When did she normally ahve her nap during the day. My daughter has hers in the afternoon around 130-2pm anything from 1.5hrs-3hrs. I find if Im out somewhere or she sleeps in the car she wont go back down. do you notice if she rubs eyes, gets extra whingy, if so put her down and leave her and see what hapeens. Sometimes I find my lo gets up to mischief whens shes tired, its like shes trying to keep herself awake. I oput her in her cot and go downstairs. I let her whinge and she usually goes down. If shes still awake 30mins later i bring her down. If needs be do this for several days so she knows thats part of her routine. Some people say that babies that dont get a sleep during the day dont sleep so well at night. What time do you give her milk in the evening?
  • ~2aries~ I think Holly is eating enough through the day, she has 2 meals and 2 snacks and will tell us when she is hungry or full ect. I am starting to think one of the problems is that she won;t drink milk. She has never really liked milK, i make sure she has loads of cheese fromage frais ect but its not really the same.
    Holly does have a dummy but we are planning on taking it off her in the next few weeks.

    Joey08 I have Holly in a toddler bed with a quilt so I dont think its because she is cold, I have tried leaving her to cry and honestly she can cry / whine for up to an hour! She will get out of her bed, pull all the things out of her drawers ect.
    I put her for a nap about 11ish most days but she will just open the door, stand at the stair gate and scream! Hubby works nights so obviously I cant leave her to scream too long or she will wake him.
    I think Im just going to have to resign myself to never getting a proper nights sleep lol
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