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Advice pls on early waking - also in june 08

Just after some advice please,... My lil man is 17 mths and has always slept brilliantly and I know I am very lucky, he has gone down between 7 and 7.30 since 12 weeks ish and sleeps for about 12 hours unless he's ill then we sometimes get a few broken nights but thats to be expected. However, recently he has started waking early, bang on 6am the last few days and a little earlier on others... and he's waking up and crying which is very unlike him. Before he would wake quietly and I'd only know he was up as I could hear him moving around in his cot or babbling away to himself! There are no obvious reasons for this, ie he isnt unwell or anything and its not light outside, its pitch black still at that time so has anyone got any ideas why this is happening!?

Thanks in advance



  • No advice I'm afraid honey but lots of sympathy as we're in the same boat. O wakes up between 6 and 6.30 screaming. I'm refusing to let him get out of the cot before 7am and am doing dummy and lullaby runs till then. It's worked in the past when he's done this but it's taking ages at the moment xx
  • Shot in the dark but could it be the same time that your central heating kicks in?? We've only put ours on in a morning recently and DS now wakes up when the boiler fires up (it's in the garage underneath his room!) Sometimes he'll go back to bed after a loo trip but never goes back to sleep, makes for a very grouchy 4 year old come 6pm!! DD is better but on the odd occassion that she wakes early, I chuck some toys in her cot and she plays happily for a while!
  • Is there sometrhing outside that is waking lo at that time? Like a milk float ora neighbour going to work or something like that? It may be something waking lo suddenly and that's why he is grouchy. Not that I'm sure what you could do about it if it is something like that! x
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