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17 months old - started waking in the night

Hi all

My 17 month old has started waking in the night after sleeping through for a long time. She wakes up once about 4ish. She goes back to sleep - but only after shes drank a bottle of milk. Its been happening for about a week - nothing has changed in her routine. She goes to sleep without any probs. Shes not a cuddly baby and gets herself in a right state, the milk seems the only way to calm her down.

Do you think I should try tough love and let her cry it out?

Any advice would be appreciated



  • hi hun, my lo is 16mths and she slept thru from 6 weeks but this past week she has been waking ne time from 3-6am, with a bottle of milk settling worked out that she has 4 teeth cutting thru so has been having calpol and teething powders before bed and last night she slept thru for 13 hrs, it was so nice to have a full nights sleep. is ur lo teething? xxxx
  • just thought id throw another idea in, we put ryan in his bed (cot bed down to bed) at 18months and he has slept brilliantly since! he was a little sod until he got his big boy bed! if you think your lo is big enough, might be worth a try. we did put a bed guard on too as there were no fitted sides to the bed bit
    or as a last resort if teething, maybe a bit of calpol before bed will settle any gripes in the night

    fingers crossed for u xxx
  • Thanks for your ideas ladies. I am going to wait until Fri (when I dont have to get up in the morning!) and try and not give her the milk. Shes not teething and Im not sure whether or not to put her in a bed - she cant walk yet? With regards to leaving her bottle in bed - shes so fussy she wont hold it herself and likes it warm only! Nightmare!
  • Have you tried offering water rather than milk? Just wondered if she might be thirsty rather than 'hungry' - I know I get very thirsty during the night - you could maybe leave it for her to help herself to and she might re-settle herself.
    My 18 months old also started waking recently, seems to just want to get up and play so I'm afraid that after explaining to him that it's sleep time I've been leaving him to it.
  • I offered her water instead of milk at 7 months - as she wasnt sleeping through - she didnt want the water and went beserk but I stopped giving her the milk. It did the trick after a few nights of waking and crying for a bit. I think your right sunflower - time to lay off the milk and leave her to it! Will let u know how i get on! Thanks all
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