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please can someone help,
iv got a 21 month old little boy who is a angel most the time however im 30 weeks pregnant and very tierd.
my little boy will not sleep without me!

i settel him with the whole routeen bath milk story cuddle,he goes to sleep fairly quickly in his little bed,then wakes from 1:30pm crying/screaming for no reason,

he will only go back to sleep with me holding his hand,
this is repaeted so many times in the night that iv now set up a bed for me in his room so i can sleep holding his hand,
im so worried about what to do when the new baby comes?


  • poor you - I think maybe one night of you know there is nothing wrong try settling him in a different way. Try to get your oh to settle him.
    Or get your lo up, calm him down and once he's calmed down and settled put him back to bed.
    or leave him to cry. it sounds harsh but your little boy has got into this habit and it will be hard to break.
    I'm not sure what else to suggest because i'm sure you've probably tried lots of different things already!!
    best of luck xx
  • If it was me I'd let him cry and if he was still screaming after about 5 minutes i'd go in settle him them leave again normally they start screaming again leave it 10 minutes and repeat increasing 5 minutes each time a few night of this starting at 10 mintues the second night and 15 the third. but i know this isnt for everyone and its not easy to listen to screaming. if not like the other said try another way maybe dady settles him fo a few nights so he knows you wont always come good luck xx
  • I agree you need to stop the sleeping in with him,if you can!
    My sister has a 21mth old son and hes started to wake in the night and not settle back down,she now has a blow up bed at the sid of hers and he sleeps there when he wakes!!but imo this is justcreating even more problems and as such if anyone else looks after him he is hard work to settle and stay alseep...
    I would go with the go in and settle and lave again approach,yes it will be hard at first,for you both,but will be the best in the long run.
    Does he have a night light,maybe try one,musical toy?
    My lo sometimes wakes and wont settle for awhile but these are few and far between now and all i do is go in and place him back down in his cot,give him his dummy,put his musical toy on and leave....might ave to do this afew times but it works.
    Like Julesy said sometimes i find if i get him up and bringhim in with me and e have a quiet cuddle for afew minutes then i put him back to be he goes right back to sleep again,but i always put him back,he never gets to stay with me,and i only do this now and again if hes got himself worked up,but as i said its very rare he does now
    Good luck its tough and the lack of sleep or routine can get you down,but you will get there,but sorry to sound harsh having to go in and sleep holding his hand is not the answer!!
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