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My 16 month old now has decided she hates her cot, which makes her bedtime and nap times a nightmare. She is in a cot bed. Is she to young to transfer into a bed ?


  • hi topie, i put my daughter in a bed when she was about 18 months, used a bed rail just to make sure she didnt fall out, dont see why you couldnt especially if its going to make things easier for you both. take care.
  • My dauaghter learnt to climb out of her cot at 16 months so we had no choice but to move her into a toddler bed. They are so near to the floor that if they fall out they won't hurt themselves. She only fell out the once and has been fine ever since. Just put lots of pillows on the floor or a duvet if you are worried she will fall out. Hope this helps x
  • If she isn't happy why not put her in a bed. With my daughter with put the bed against the wall and then on the other side used a cot rail (you can buy tham from lots of places) We found this better as we didn't have to worry, as she couldn't fall out, the only problem she had was she couldn't climb up into bed because she was too little (she's always been small). The cot side gave us peace of mind. Good Luck.
  • I put my son into a single bed when he was 19 months old because he was trying to climb out of cot. He had a bed rail initially. He's four and has yet to fall out of bed. Just rely on your instincts you will know when your child is ready.
  • i put my daughter into a toddler bed at 14 months as she hated her cot and we never had a problem with her since she is now in a bunk bed (bottom) as she shares a room with her sister she is 2.5
  • We tried our son 19 months in a toddler bed as he kept climbing out of his cot, all was fine until he wakes up in the night and gets out just because he knows he can and then we cant get him to go back to bed help!!!
  • We put our daughter into a toddler bed at 2 and she was fine... surprisingly hasn't fallen out of it yet even (although saying that she'll probably do it tonight!). But we were having the same problem - waking up and coming into our room and then not going back.. didn't think she'd grasp the concept, but thought it worth a go so tried her with sticker charts... and unbelieveably it worked! She loved getting a sticker in the morning and gradually we worked the nights up until she got a little gift and now she seems to have forgotten all about it and sleeps in her bed until morning - fab! We're still getting her a little gift once or month or so to remind her it's worth her while sleeping in her bed but for a good nights sleep the odd fiver's worth it!!! Good luck! x
  • Thanks, we are going to try him in his bed again, as now he can climb in and out of the cot. We will give the reward chart a try hopefully it may work.
  • my sons share their room and we've got a bunk bed for when the youngest was ready, he's 23mths. last mon night he decided he wasn't going to move from the bed so i reluctantly left him in it. 2 hrs later i was regretting it and about to put him back then it went quiet he was asleep!! since then hes slept well every night but his cotbed is still in the room and if he plays up i tell him he'll sleep in his cot so he stays put in the bed. i'll take the cot out in a week or two then i'll just have to hope he follows his brothers example and stays put. For me it's been good he's decided hes ready as baby no 3 is on her way and i wasn't sure when to make the change it has been much easier this way. We do still have the baby monitor set up and a night light so they do know we can hear them and they just call for us if they need us. I also think having a good bedtime routine helps them sleep through.
  • help my 2 year old has slept in my bed for past 8 months but I have been brake & ordered her a new big girl bed (toddler bed) & told her she is going to sleep in own bed in own room with her toys but she keeps saying mummy too yes & I say no. any tips how I should get her into my way of thinking???
  • Our son is now 20 months and for the last week he has started sleeping in his bed and first he was reluctant and kept asking for his cot, but after a lot of encougment he has stayed in his bed. We made a really big deal about it, we let him watch as we took the cot away telling him that it has to go away for a baby to sleep in and that he was a big boy and would sleep in his bed and lastly we let him choose his own bedding which he chose a bob the builder set and now every morning he tells us that he slept with bob!!! hopefully we may have cracked it (touch wood)
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