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Sleeping problems, 15 months old

Hey ladies, not been online in ages, hope everyone is well :\)

Sam is now 15 months old (how time flies!) and we are having some huge sleep problems!

Ever since he had his MMR jag at the end of November he will not go to sleep without me or his daddy rocking him, cuddling him, being there by his cot. It takes an hour or so to get him to sleep. I was considering the possibility of him having Seperation Anxiety and then just got in the habit of being helped getting to sleep? He is still in his cot, He is not ready for his big boy bed yet (I'm saying this because he isn't trying to climb out and would most certainly fall out and hurt himself in a toddler bed)

He has not had a nap in months. Does anyone know roughly how much sleep a 15 month old needs during the day? He wakes up alot during the night (he is teething at the moment though but when he wasnt, he was still waking up looking for his dummy) Like I said, this all started at the end of November. I would like to try controlled crying but if he does have Seperation Anxiety, surely this will upset him even more?

Can anyone tell me how I go about controlled crying? How long do I leave it?

I have tried putting him down, tucking him in and walking away but he screams bloody murder, even though he is visibly very tired. As soon as I lie him down in his cot he turns over right away and stands up.

I really dont know what to do anymore, the past month and so has been complete hell, our lives have become revolved around getting him to sleep and 'whos turn' it is. Im really not enjoying being a mummy at the moment :cry:

When we do get him to go to sleep at night, he sleeps anywhere between 10-14 hours, and every day he is grumpy and winging constantly because he is so tired.

Sorry this is long, Im really stuck and my only option is controlled crying.

Thanks for any advice in advance!

Emilie and Sam xxx


  • I'm a tough mummy and definately recommend controlled crying.
    My "rules" are slightly different when LO is teething though. Before you put him down make sure he's not in too much discomfort by rubbing bonjela/anbesol on his gums and giving a shot of infant paracetamol or ibuprofen.
    Does he have a favourite teddy or blanket? My LO win not sleep without his bear! Make sure room LO isn't too hot or cold and that he's not thirsty or peckish. Now you can reassure yourself that there's nothing wrong with him and he's only crying cos he wants a cuddle.
    The CC method I used (as discussed with my HV) was pretty hardcore and not pleasant so make sure you have the full support of your OH. Put LO down and leave him to cry for up to 20 mins (eeek!), if he still hasn't settled then go in and comfort him but don't bring him out of the bedroom. Put him back down and repeat the process until he settles. It's heartbreaking listening to them cry but you know there's nothing wrong with him so try to persevere.

    Good luck honey
    Liz x
  • Hi Emilie. Sorry haven't got any advice to give, but I just wanted to wish you all the best and hope it works out for you. Controlled crying does seem like the only option left to you. I know it sounds awful but I know of many people who have done it with great success and have never looked back. Hopefully you'll get some good advice from those that have been through it.
    As for daytime naps, at this age Sam will still need one, maybe even 2 depending on what time he gets up and goes to bed. I'd say anything between 1.5 to 2.5 hours total daytime sleep. Most toddlers often sleep better at night if they've had a nice nap during the day.
    Good luck.
  • Hey ladies, thanks for your lovely replies, its gave me a bit more determination to try controlled crying!

    Will try it tonight and update this, it will keep me sane!

    His bed time used to be 7pm so gonna give him his dinner at 5pm (he takes aaages to eat his dinner now he is feeding himself :lol: ) and bath, milk etc. He knows when its bed time so not much trouble with that.

    Will let you know how we get on! Thanks again for your advice x x x
  • Well I didnt need to do controlled crying last night!

    Sam was quite hyper last night (is it just my toddler who seems to "wake up" around 5pm?) so we have a cuddle in the living room to calm him down and he fell asleep at almost 7pm! He slept til 10am this morning (15 hours :eek: ) so im not sure what time i should put him down for a nap (using cc if he doesnt go down on his own, which he wont) i was thinking maybe after lunch? (which is between 1.30pm and 2pm) and how long should i let him nap for? dont want him to sleep so much he wont be tired at bed time! i feel totally clueless :lol:

  • Wow he must have really needed that sleep! The only problem is he might not be so willing to go down for a nap today! Worth a try though as he may be sleepy after lunch. If he does sleep, I'd only give him up to an hour.
    It's a mine field determining nap times and how long to give them - it's mostly trial & error. Hopefully Sam will fall asleep OK tonight too.
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