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Anne is 2 and a half and has not been sleeping very well over the past week!! she will not go to sleep alone she wants me or oh to lay with her till she falls to sleep every night!!

She has started to wake during the night and we have to again lay with her till she falls to sleep.
This can happen up to 5 times a night.

i had my baby boy 13 weeks ago do you think she could be having a delayed reaction to him being here?

please i need some advice as i can't cope any more.

thanx becki.xx


  • I don't have any experience with the new baby part of your prob but the lack of sleep thing is VERY familiar. Is there room in your lo's room for a chair. The way I had to do it was gradually moving away. Try first sitting on the chair by her bed stroking her hair for a few nights, then move / sit back maybe reading to her, then back more until you're just by the door. This worked for me. I think my DB just needed to be reassured that we were still in the house. Good luck.
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