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Just wondered if anyone else's LO is a light sleeper? I can't go and check on Matthew when i go to bed as he always wakes up, no matter how much i creep in. He sits up and sometimes gets stressy, so i've given up on checking on him. I have been known to go into his room, he wakes up and i squat hiding at the foot of his bed!!! I know it doesn't really matter, but i would like to do it.
However, when my babysitter had him, she walked in his room, turned on the light and he didn't stir at all!
I shouldn't complain really as he's a fab sleeper :\)


  • Isaac always wakes when I go in and check him, he doesnt get stressy though he usually just smiles then goes back to sleep, I just cant break the habit of goin in to check him, I still go in and check my 12 year old :lol:

    Maybe he didnt stir for the babysitter becuase he knew she wasnt you and wasnt worth waking up for. ;\)

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