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My DS has offically outgrown his afternoon nap as of today LOL

He did not have a sleep yesyerday was fine all day got bit tired when we sat down for dinner but fine when to bed at 7:30pm and woke at 8:30am

Today i put him for his nap i only let him have an hour well he has been in bed since 7:30pm and he is still awake now been 2 hours!!!! :lol::lol::lol:


  • How old is your LO my sons not long turnt 3. if we have been out or doing stuff then he will nap for a hour but other wise he will keep going on and on :lol:
    Hope LO is sleeping by now xx gems xx
  • Hi gembags my DS was 2 in august!

    up untill bout 2 weeks ago he would have never made it till dinner time without a nap LOL

    yeah i think thats what i am going to do if we are out and about he might fall asleep in the car for 10 mins but i am not going to put him down for a nap anymore

    he finally fell asleep at 10:00pm

    i am awake B4 him this morning thats a first!!!
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