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Toddler sleeping on the floor

Hello ladies,
Neve went into a bed over christmas and apart from some teething problems all seems to be fine now. The only thing is that I have noticed that she seems to sleep on the floor sometimes - it doesn't seem to be for long at all - about 30 mins every few nights and I don't wake her because we have found that she just pops herself back in bed after a while. I am not worried about her getting cold because we have underfloor heating (husband thinks she does it because she likes the warmth) but it seems a strange little habit! We have monitor on and we never hear anything.

Does anyone elses lo do this and would you wake her and put her back in bed? She has just turned two.


  • I would leave her to it to be honest. I am sure it's a habit she'll soon grow out of! Sounds quite cute!
  • Bless her that sounds so cute. I wish my dd could take care of herself like that. She thinks she always needs one of us to watch her get back in to bed. I would also just leave her, if she's happy enough to carry on. Maybe it is just bcoz of the heating. She sounds gorgeous! X
  • my little lad used to do that my fella found him once with all his covers at the back of his bed lol.i would just leave her if they are cold they would wake up x
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