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Took bars off cot bed - now sleeps on floor - help!

Hi All

This is my first post in Toddler and first post on BE in almost a year

I have a 21 month old and am now 40+3 with second.

A couple of weeks ago had to take the bars off DS cot bed as learnt how to climb over top (just what I need when due to give birth anytime lol) Anyway went and bought a ready bed to put on his cot bed due to inflatable bumpers and he is a real wriggler (never kept a blanket on yet) and didnt want him to roll out. First night, no problems, straight to sleep, 2nd night got up as soon as put in and cried on and off for an hour then went to sleep. 3rd night, cried for 15 mins then went to sleep on floor by baby gate - hubby put back in bed and stayed there until morning. Each night since, no tears but falls asleep on floor by baby gate and even if we put him back in bed, he wakes at some point during the night and goes back to sleep on the floor by the gate

I hate seeing him asleep on the floor and am desperate for him to sleep in his bed - any suggestions??



  • aww bless him!!! cant help cus my 20 month old is still in a cot but didnt want to read and run. i hope you get it sorted and good luck with the birth of no 2!!!
  • hi hun, I would use blue rail from argos, I use that and my son does not get out of bed, help it helps good luck with birth x
  • Maybe its the comfort of seeing the bars when he wakes up? What a pain when you're ready to pop!

    I've seen a couple of bed guards that are wooden bars as opposed to the mesh material - maybe something like this could help?

    No other ideas, lovey, but v big congrats and good luck with pregnancy and birth! xxxxx
  • Thanks for replies so far ladies and your well wishes for the arrival of bump (still not made an appearance lol)

    Gonna persevere with the sleeping on the floor and putting back into bed once asleep (although he is always back on the floor in the morning) until DS number 2 arrives and then look at bed rail or perhaps tucking him in tightly with a quilt.........Not ideal but he sleeps soundly and isnt upset by it so can't be doing him any harm

    Any other suggestions grately received

    Mandy x
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