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Waking during the night

Hi - my 17 month daughter has been waking every night for a few weeks and I am going slightly mad! I am 9 weeks pregnant so shattered and not coping well with lack of sleep. My husband and I both work so we take it in turns to deal with her. We are determined not to take her out of her cot but spend anywhere between 1 - 2.5 hours trying to settle her. The last 2 nights I ended up giving her a bottle which seemed to work but I feel this is going backwards as she hasn't had a night time feed for months and months. Does anyone have any advice? Does anyone else still give their 17 months a night feed???
Miserable Kirsty


  • hi kirsty. my lo is 13 months and we are going through the same thing after months of having a great wee sleeper she has gone backwards. i still give her a bottle if she wakes but i really feel like i should be stopping this but if we dont give her it she screams and screams. sorry not much advice but i was going to post something along the same lines this morning when i seen your post.
  • Leah is 10mths old and was a great lil sleeper from birth,but ive always noticed her sleep routine gets tot screwed when shes either teething, or sick. Do you think they might have a toothy peg on d way? She is always in alot of pain from anything from2 wks even before it cuts,but once its cut shes better again. Hope this might help??????
  • The only time Amy ever woke up during the night after she started sleeping through was if she had a tooth coming through.

    Hopefully it wont last too long

    Good luck with the pregancy

    Hilary x
  • hi ive got a daughter of 3 and half and she still wakes up sometimes in the night and sometimes she will ask for a drink of milk think 9 times out of ten its there comfort thing but it does not help when you need your sleep and you end up giving in just for a quite life because your shattered i know im 20 week pregnant
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