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My 3 year old has started to sleep walk, it started off with her just sitting up in bed staring but on Saturday she got out of bed opened her bedroom door and walked down the stairs and into the lounge, it did freak me out a bit coz her eyes were wide open but she was just staring straight through me and obviously couldnt hear me, she looked a bit like chucky lol. thing is im a bit worried now that she might hurt herself, what is she had fallen down the stairs? obviously i have started shutting the stair gate to stop her falling now. Has anyone had any experience of this? how do you deal with it or does it just stop on its own??


  • Hi Hayley i went through this with my eldest (shes 16 now) but she started sleep walking as soon as she was old enough to be in a bed and didnt stop til she was 5 or 6.....I found her one night when she was 4 out in the back garden, i'm just thankful she didnt go out the front door (we live on a dual carriage way) we had to lock the windows and doors and put keys out of her reach, buy new stair gates and put them up.
    All you can do is take all danger out of the path putting stairgates everywhere is a good start, you should never try and wake sleepwalker (cant remember why, just remember you shouldnt). our dd used to suffer night terrors when younger and in her cot it just seemed that sleepwalking was a follow on as the night terrors stopped when the walking started
  • Me again...............has she had a change in routine? started playgroup or something? or any kind of upset? it can be the strangest thing that sets a kid off with sleep disorders.....if it gets too bad i would take her to the gp they might suggest something or refer her to a sleep clinic.......with my dd she was 6months old when her terrors started and the sleep clinic wouldnt take her til she was one the gp put her on sleeping medicine which made her 100 times worse so threw that away and stuck it out til she was old enough for the sleep clinic......they put it all down to her truamatic birth in the end and advised me on a routine to have her in
  • Hi big mumma, thanks for your reply, she has had a bit of upset as my hubby has not been well and has been in hospital a few times in the last 6 months so things have been pretty stressful at home. I rang the hv to ask whether it was that and she said no, thought that was a bit strange as it is a coincidence that it started happening at the same sort of time. Well i have put the upstairs stairgate back on just incase and will keep an eye on it, if she gets too bad i will take her to the gp.

    She never had night terrors before just the odd nightmare which is completely different. my eldest daughter had night terrors but never sleep walked. obviously i have children with very active imaginations lol
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