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I don't know what to do with Hollie at night now as she is being a complete pain.
I wrote a post recently about her crying in her sleep, and have also noticed that when she wakes at night she is screaming. Normally she used to whinge and cry a little if she wanted a feed at night. But recently she has just woke up and really screamed, i thought it was teething as it is quite high pitched.
However yesterday she woke crying at 10, so i went in to see what was the matter. She had tried to sit up in her sleep and had then fallen back asleep half hunched over and leaning against the bars. I laid her back down and put the mobile on, but she was too upset to fall back asleep so we got her up for a bit. When we settled her again she slept all night.

But now i know why she has been crying in her sleep. At night i dont put the lights on when she wakes, so i feel my way round the cot for her. The last few nights i have been feeling her and thought she has been far over to one side, and twisted. Now i realise why.

Does anyone know how i can stop her moving at night? Because this i think is what has been waking her, and it obviously hurts her because she has been screaming.

Karen xx


  • Hi Karen,

    Hope you are well.
    I have seen in jojomamambebe a support cusion that you lay you baby in and its meant to help them not to move about to much. It was a while ago, so I cant remember what age/weight it goes up to. I will have a look on their website .
  • Morning Karen,

    Have you tried a sleeping bag? I found Charlottes movements were limited when she was in hers? That's the only thing I can think of.

    Zoe xx

    Oh it only goes up to 6 months. Sorry

    I think there is a similar one somewhere else. I'll keep looking.
  • Hi Karen SNAP! Luka is the same, im amazed how much he moves around, even in his sleeping bag, he can't even crawl yet but gets himself into all sorts of awkward positions then either screams, or whinges for sometimes up to an hour til he can get himself back off. Its a nightmare. Don't know what to suggest as we are in the same position ourself. He does have chicken pox and im wondering if the spots are itching and waking him up and he has a move around to try and ease it. bless him, he's got loads all over his nappy area must be v.uncomfortable. But yes he's the same as hollie in the night and driving me and terry nuts too!!!
  • Hi,

    Thanks Lucy for that, i havent heard of anything like that before so i will have a look around.

    Zoe she is managing to do this in her grobag, i know she is getting a bit too big for hers now though. We bought one from ebay the other day, so i am waiting for it to be posted. I am hoping that when she is in a 6-12month one she will stop. But Ian seems to think it won't really make a difference and she is just too active.

  • Karen,
    Have pm'd you with another idea.
  • Thanks Lucy i have replied. xx
  • I have had that problem with Milly and now with Nina. I started with rolled up towels either side of them, now have pillows in there, they are wedged in there, no chance of them climbing under them or getting stuck. Also i've started putting Nina at the top of her cot rather foot to foot. There are no bed clothes to get stuck under and thats always where she ends up. I stoped putting pillows in the cot as soon as milly could fall asleep irrelavant of how she was laid. They can turn them selves over, but struggle to get back on their backs, Nina has had her legs stuck through the bars or arms and her face pushed up to the bars.
    I know its not correct as per the guidelines for SIDS etc but at 6+ months the risk is not so high anyway.
  • This is sounding very familiar!!

    I am sure Bronwyn does laps of her cot in the night! She too is in a sleeping bag which does nothing to stop her moving around.
    She also cries at night, when she is going to sleep and she is usually 95% asleep but crying and moaning to herself. And she sometimes does this in the night too. I often go in to find her on her front with her sicky cloth which she uses as a comfort blanket stuffed in her face!!

    She still refuses to have anything to do with a dummy!!! Which i suppose in a way is good!
  • Caroline, from what i've heard from friends with dummies it is saw my friend with her 2yr old yesterday has NEVER slept through as cries when he loses dummy even though theres about 5 in his bed! Mine only had them when newborn until they could find their thumbs luckily. Im glad its not just luka.

    Sally - I don't put Luka feet to foot either, I think its irrelevant as he's in a sleeping bag and no other covers. I put him at the top where his bumper is but he gradually works his way down then bangs his head on the bars where the bumper stops!!
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