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2 out of 3 aint bad!!!

I have set myself 3 targets with regard to Bronwyn's bedtime.
1- to get her to go to sleep without the shouting, crying and chaos that we have been having.
2- to get her to sleep through without her 2am feed.
3- to get her to sleep in past 5.30am!

So far we have managed 2 each night, still striving for 3!!!!


  • Well done for managing 2 of them, which one are you still working on????
  • In the last 3 nights she has managed to get off to sleep easily, slept through twice and managed a lie in this morning!!!

    Its a random mix Dawn!!! Completely unpredictable!!!
  • and I thought you were going to confess to being a meatloaf fan then! Heres hoping for a hat trick tonight.
  • Nicola I am a huge Meatloaf fan!!!!
    I am gutted that he is playing the UK this year and I can't get to see him!!!

    So much for progress, last night she went off ok, woke at 10.30 and wouldn't settle so had 7oz and was up at 4.45am!!!

    How can I get her to sleep in after 5am?? Her window is blacked out and as her new baa baa blind arrived i can now use that rather than bin bags!!!
    Any ideas would be appreciated!
  • tell me about it caroline!!!!
  • Music! Worked for both of mine! Small tape player on their bookshelves with ELC sleepy time tapes and when either of them woke up I would sneak in and put the tape on (If you have a cd player you could remote it from the door!

    This worked so well and william still has his tape to go to sleep with, it calms him down if he is over excited!
  • She as the Fisher Price aquarium on her cot whoc has a remote and plays for about 20 mins!!! Doesn't work at 5am, she is full of beans and raring to go. But then tired 20 mins later!!!!
  • Oh Emma when I lived in London Sam hated the sound of the cars so we would listen to a chill out album to fall asleep to it was fab - never thought about trying it with a baby - might be worth a go Caroline - something different from her Aquarium?
  • Mel, Bronwyn goes up for her bath at 6, she is in bed at 6.30.

    We don't have enough room in her tiny nursery for a stereo, we struggle for space as it is. She has got one for her new bedroom though! I have a relaxing CD which works for me, it was a pregnancy mag free gift!!!

    In the last week she has started going to be bed without all the talking and shouting. I put her down and she
    goes off to sleep - we are back to normal!!! Its a random pattern to her wanting an early morning bottle now.
  • Caroline,

    That sounds like the CD we play in Charls room!!!

    Hope you are ok. Glad Bronwyn is sleeping better again.

    Zoe xx
  • Do you mean making her bedtime later??

    She is tired by 6 which is why she goes to bed then, i often have to make her wait until 6 or 6.30. If she goes any earlier then she is awake earlier. Keeping her up later is a nightmare!!
  • what time does she nap at nursery then Caroline? I know what you mean but I have def found keeping luka up later works (sometimes!!!) boys eat around 5ish and then now its lighter evenings we take them for walk or the park around 5.30/6pm so we can hang bedtime out. Tonight I didn't back til 7pm so they weren't in bed til 8pm (thats v.late for them) but see what happens every night is different for us!!
  • I had the same trouble with Alex when he was about that age and i tried to put his bedtime routine back a little bit each night and also gave him a bit of rusk mixed with his milk and that seemed to work mind you at the time i used the johnsons bedtime bath and cream too.
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