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What are your children doing for Father’s Day? Tell Aldi for your chance to win a £100 voucher!



  • I got a brilliant painted mug and egg cup once. So awful it was brilliant. I love it!

  • they are making their own personal key rings and the youngest child is painting and framing his hands and feet x

  • Shes made him a card (mummys bought him a new ipad)

  • Not a lot, but my hubby tends to be rather cynical about days like fathers day, that he thinks is just an excuse dreamed up by greeting card manufacturers.

  • We are making clue cards and hiding a card and a gift in the garden. Daddy will have to follow the clues to get his gift!

  • She is making him a card at school, and will buy him something with her pocket money, probably sweets.

  • As he now has started school, he is far more independent from me.  Yes we will wait for the card, but ................... school organises a FATHERS' DAY SHOP.  The PTA organises suitable gifts for £1 to £4. I will provide the money, and wait. Mothers day was amazing as he tried to buy for every female in his life, including Aunts, not just Mum and Nans. It is a wonderful idea and gives them the choice. I would love to see how long they all take to shop and see what they PICK !!!!!

  • Making cards with me at home before and getting him breakfast in bed on fathers day.

  • making a special card and we will make his favourite dessert... cheesecake!

  • my daughters are taking me out for pie and mash

  • Robert will be making hubbie some breakfast! - i expect chaos image

  • My partner's daughter is nearly 16 so if she remembers Father's day at all it's quite an event!

  • We're making chocolate covered brazil nuts (his fave) and decorating a jar to put them in

  • my little ava mae will hopefully paint some pictures and cook some cakes for daddy this year, not that he will get to eat any cakes as he hates icing (its the thought that counts) mummy and ava love icing though image

  • Besides getting him up nice and early on that he has longer to enjoy his special dayimage little'un has baked his Daddy some lovely chocolate rice crispie cakes to enjoy - which was so good of him as he handmixed them all even though he's got a streaming cold...he...he! Daddy must eat them all too.

  • Planning on taking some nice pics of the girls and turning them into s canvas. We have just split up and I took all my wall canvases with me do the living rooms a little bare at his place 

  • we always make him a card xx

  • We've got him some cuff links with my little ones drawings of him on. Waiting for them to arrive c

  • Deffo be breakfast in bed and a meal out!

  • Breakfast in bed followed by homemade cards and chocolates.

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