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What are your children doing for Father’s Day? Tell Aldi for your chance to win a £100 voucher!




    My 4 month old and his fur siblings made a special dad picture frame and some footprint cards. 

  • My son is making a card with a family tree and the leaves will be made from green thumb prints.

  • Daddy Mitchell will be on night shift on fathers day. So Ayah Bump and I will be keep very quiet while we make Daddy a special Fathers Day Brenner (breakfast for Dinner) pancakes, sausages, bacon, and scramble eggs. not forgetting the maple syrup!! (with special help from my Sous Chef Ayah)

    If he still has room maybe some yummy ice cream!

  • My son is only 1 so with help rom his mum will be making his dad breakfast in bed for fathers day

  • Breakfast in bed, lunch and dinner.

  • We are going to chaple St Leonard's that week and are going to spend the day on the beach (depending on the weather) followed by a chippy tea with films at the chalet perfect! 

  • My little girl has bought her daddy a card and present and is going to take him out for the day on Sunday as I have to work (I hope he likes the park and ice cream)!

  • Taking daddy to the shops for mummy!

  • Recently my kids for some reason have been calling me the best dad in the universe.  This makes me so proud and my heart melt.  My Mrs however who does almost everything for them isn't so impressed.

  • My son has made a fathers day card which has his tiny little hand prints. We have also printed off a photo canvas of my son and his dad which we will give to him along with breakfast in bed

  • They will probably make cards at school but we are also making a questionnaire. I asked them 20 questions about their daddy and have written down the answers! Some of them are so funny image xx 


    This is being framed for daddy, couldn't have got a better shot if I tried! The little plaque was just from eBay! X

  • My daughter is practicing her song she is singing to her daddy at school next Friday, and she has made him a special surprise which she won't even tell me about, incase I tell him by accident!

  • my son love making cards with lots of paint and glitter 

  • My little one is going to be baking a lovely cake for his dad x

  • Built a helicoptor

  • My son has painted a stone form the garden! His idea.

  • My son and me are going to make him a special gluten free cake as his Dad has just found out that he is coeliac. We are also going to take him on a steam train journey for the day.

  • My special needs son and I are taking his Dad and my partner out for lunch to say thank you!

    I'm divorced from my son's Dad and have been in another relationship for 4 years now who is great with my son.

    We all get on well with each other so we are taking both 'Fathers' out for lunch to say thank you image

  • My kids are going to make there dad a Apple watch as you carnt beat homemade presents 

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