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What are your children doing for Father’s Day? Tell Aldi for your chance to win a £100 voucher!


Aldi want to know what your children are doing (or planning to do) for Father's Day – and you could win a £100 voucher for telling us!

Has your child made a special card or gift for their dad? Or planned a Father's Day surprise or treat? 

Do please post on this thread to tell us all about it – and feel free to post up pics of your child's handiwork, too (Aldi would LOVE that). We're looking forward to seeing some really fun, sweet, creative ideas!

Everyone who posts about their child's Father's Day ideas and creations on this thread will be entered into a prize draw to win a £100 Aldi voucher.

(Note: if your child sadly doesn't have a dad in their life, that doesn't mean you can't enter; please do post up details of things your child's done for another male figure in their life – a granddad, say, or a stepdad or a teacher.)

We'll keep this thread open until Monday June 22nd (the day after Father's Day), when we'll announce the winner's name.

This discussion is sponsored by Aldi. You can find out more about Aldi's Father's Day gift range here.



  • My toddler's massively into making splodgy handprints (mainly, I suspect, because it makes lots of mess that Mummy has to clear up). So we're going to be making a big, splodgy handprint picture for her dad. Probably in pink. Lots of pink. 

  • My baby isn't born yet (due 2 days ago) - but she has still managed to order a T-shirt for her daddy online, with a logo which says "Daddy since 2015" and has bought him a lovely card. She is also going to look at turning one of her scan photos into something memorable - she is such a thoughtful girl image

  • I have ordered mine a plaque with the baby scan in to from the pickle we are expecting and from his kids I am getting him a BBQ utensil set as he has just bought himself a new BBQ!

  • Our three daughters are convinced that Daddy feels left out as the only boy, so they are dressing as Spiderman and taking him to the park to play football! xx

  • We have all sorts of stuff going on, one son is going fishing with dad while the rest of us make cards and pictures and decorate the back garden ready for a BBQ,  the little ones want to bake a cake ( eek!) So there's lost of spoiling going on just for their dad cuz he is one in a trillion !

  • We have been to the ceramic cafe to decorate a plate with my LB hand and foot prints on it and it says Happy 1st Fathers Day and also planning on pre-ordering the new F1 game for PS4 as daddy needs some relaxation time but sadly it's not out for a month afterwards so he's going to get the receipt!! ????

  • My daughter is going to make her daddy breakfast in bed (will just be cereal and toast).  As a present, we are going to make him a "Walk with Me Daddy" framed poem with her footprints on it (poem I found on Pinterest) and for her granddads, she is going to make a "I love you from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes" picture with her handprints making the heart and her footprints on there.  We are going to be very busy.  We may even make some cookies if we get chance.

  • I can't tell you as it's a surprise

  • Our Son will be making a card for his Dad and together we will make a carrot cake because it's his Dad's favourite.

  • Making his Dad breakfast in bed the going to football 

  • Made a pop up card (which sort of works!)

  • A hand drawn card and a magnet made out of premo modelling clay

  • Crocheting socks, although they are a little loosely stitched!

  • My boys made a card on a card website for their daddy. They haven't decided what present to buy him yet!

  • Making a cake.

  • taking his dad on holiday

  • Ooh, thank you for all your posts so far. Lovely stuff!

    If your children have already made their Father's Day card/gift, do please post up a picture of it. We'd love to see it (just click on the little camera icon above and to the right of the reply message box).

  • Our daughter is making lunch for my husband & me.

  • Making a card at school.

  • Making a card 

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