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Tell us which iconic UK landmark you'd take your child to. Stokke Crusi, worth £1,423, to win


Which iconic UK landmark would you like to take your child (aged 3 or under) to?

Tell us where – and why – and you could win a Stokke Crusi, complete with Winter Kit, worth a total of £1,423, to put your child in and take him or her to that very place! 

What’s more, Stokke will give you £750 travel expenses and the loan of a Go Pro camera, so you can video your trip and star in their new Stokke On the Go campaign. 

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning the Stokke Crusi is add a post to this thread, TELLING US HOW OLD YOUR CHILD IS, which iconic UK landmark you’d like to take your child to – and why you’ve picked that particular place.

Please do feel free to use your imagination: you can choose any location from Lands’ End to John O’Groats BUT please be realistic about what you (and your baby) could manage if you are chosen as our winner. (So, don’t say you’d like to take the Crusi to Ben Nevis if you’d not really be up for travelling all the way there and couldn’t face hauling a buggy and small child up a mountainside anyway.)

We’re looking forward to finding out where you’d like to go. Please get posting – and good luck!

The small print: In order to be eligible to win this prize, you must have a child aged between 0 and 3 years, and you and your child must be available to take your trip, and film it, between 1 November and 16 November 2015. Read the full Ts & Cs here.

This discussion is sponsored by Stokke. You can find out more about the Stokke Crusi here.



  • I would love to win this and take my baby that is due on the 23rd December to Lulworth Castle in Dorset in the New Year. I am getting married there in September 2016, its a really special place for us as a family and our new addition will be completing this.

  • I would love to take my little one who will be 9 months at the time to Manchester city centre mainly exchange square! Finances have been a bit difficult due to maternity pay and my OH ending up with reduced hours but now he has a new job and im due to return to work in a week so we have been planning a little family holiday before Christmas to sight see and do the Christmas shopping and make up for the penny pinching. I've been to Manchester before but our little one hasn't and it's only ever the Trafford centre I've been to so id love to explore more

  • I would absolutely love to take my baby girl to London I have never been to the capital and would love to experience it with her. 

  • SHELLEY DUNN: how old is your baby? Please tell us to make your entry a valid one.

    Squeak185: we're afraid the trip has to be made with your baby/child in November, which is a month too early for you – unless you have another child who is 3 or under?

  • Sorry Bella  is 7 months old. 

  • image

    I have a 11 month old called Olly and I would love to take him up to an I sland called Eday in the Orkney islands to see the stone of setter.

    Its a place I lived when I was a child and me and my late mother loved this site. It would make top off an amazing first year for Olly and make some lovely memories. 

  • No other kids under three I'm afraid. Luckily our bubba will be part of the wedding so he will get to not only visit our favourite place bit will be there to see us become a complete family. 

    Good luck to everyone else! 

  • I would take my grandson to CBBBs land at Alton Towers to see all of his favourite characters xx

  • I would like to take my daughter to Legoland because she likes to play with her lego a lot and it will be a fantastic experience for her to go there.

  • I would love to go to Blackpool, I haven't been since I was a kid and I think my daughter would love it

  • Hello everyone. Thanks for all your posts so far - but please remember to tell us the age of the child you're hoping to take or we can't accept your entry.

  • I would love to take my little boy who is 11 months today to Bath. It is a very special place for my husband and I and we went to the Christmas markets every year until he was born. Both of our birthdays are in November so it would be an extra special visit for us to celebrate x

  • I would like to take my little boy (17 month) to Beatrix Potters house In the Lake District. Both of my babies have had a Peter Rabbit themed nurseries as did I when I was a little girl. We love reading the stories at home and I would love to take him where all those stories were once imagined.

  • I would love to take my daughter to lincoln christmas market & visit lincoln. I love goin to christmas markets. Christmas is magical. My daughter is 8 months 

  • My daughter is 2 and she loves the seaide so id take her to blackpool full of lights, little beach make some memories

  • My daughter is currently 3.5 months.  I'd love to take her (with her brother who is 4) to Edinburgh to revisit where I met their dad and so where our little family began.

  • I would love to take my 18 month old to see the Westminster Clock. There is so much to do there in a day, walking down the River Thames, even a boat ride. The London Eye, although I'm not sure if she would like the heights. But the Sea Life Centre is right behind it so that's perfect. Walking across the London areas to the Science Museum. There is a lot to see and do there.

  • My partner and I are epecting our little princess in January and couldn't be more excited! If we won we would absolutely love to take our little angel to yorkshire to where I went as a child!

  • I would love to take our 1 week old little boy to the Arsenal Emirates stadium (is that Iconic??)...Daddy is a huge fan and would love to take his little Gunner to the home of his beloved Arsenal. image

  • i would love you take my daughter to lands end in cornwall as thats where my mum used to take me and have lots of great child hood memories.

    It also would be great to win as my daughter was premature and had to have an emergancy c section and her farther missed the birth so would be great to get away as a family but after a month in hospital my little one is a perfect 4pounds now and beautiful x

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