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Which Mr Men or Little Miss character is your child like? Tell Egmont Books: birthday party to win!



  • My 5 year old son is definitely Mr Bossy in the cutest way possible! He loves to help his younger brother and sister and acts like a mini parent whilst doing it! My 4 year old son is a Mr Chatterbox. He doesn't stop nattering and if he isn't nattering he is singing! Never a quiet moment when he's about! And my 7 month old little girl is little miss happy. She always has a smile on her face and my favourite time with her is when I go in to her room in the morning to be greeted with the biggest happiest smile ever!! I'm very lucky to have my very own Mr Men and little miss!!

  • My 2 year old son is always running tripping and bumping into things and then asking for his mr bump cool pack because "e bump his head" while my 5 month old girls are definitely little miss twin twin as they copy each other

  • My son is definatly most like Mr Bump - always bumping and spilling things.

  • My gorgeous little chap is.. Mr Grumpy.. Believe it or not! :) He wakes up in a terrible temper & we all have to walk on eggshells until he has softened up a bit! If anyone sings, dances or laughs without prior permission - they get a good telling off! Despite being tremendously high maintenance - our little lad is an absolute joy & brings us much happiness & laughter! Have a look at this face & see what you think.. :)image

  • My grandson is definately Mr Bump...he is always tripping up in his rush to get everything done as quickly as possible. My granddaughter is Little Miss Trouble, she's 2 and in the midst of the terrible tantrums but we love her strength of will and character. They're having a joint birthday party this year so this prize would be amazing for them 🎈💝🎈

  • my little girl loves little miss sunshine because she loves playing out in the sun :)

  • Without a doubt, my eldest (6) would be Little Miss Chatterbox as she does not stop talking! She Facetimes her school friends which is rather worrying too!

  • My son loves MR Strong as that is his Grandads name! He loves how he eats all the eggs. We also like Mr Happy as it has a positive message at the end.

  • My son has memorised every word of all 50 of the Mr Men books. If I read out a single word wrong he spots it! He loves them:-)

  • There's so many loveable characters that im sure not one 

  • There's so many loveable characters that everyone has at least one favourite And ours is Little Miss Giggles because she makes us all giggle lol 

  • It would have to be little miss curly my 2 1/2 year old who is recetly dignosed autism has the most beautiful curly hair. And my 15 month old would have to be little miss giggles because she is always laughing.

  • My little boy likes Mr Bump because he's quite clumsy and it's nice for him to know he's not the only one! 

  • Our daughter is our Little Miss Sunshine - always happy and with a smile for everyone, very sociable and easy going.

  • My youngest says her favourite is Little Miss Trouble because its funny, especially the "tickle, bump, tickle, bump" bit apparently. I'd have chosen LIttle Miss Clever for her though!

  • My son has to be Mr silly. From putting bubble on his face to spinning around until he is so dizzy he can't stand. My son is always being a silly monkey 🐒

  • My daughter would be Mr Bump, she's always got bruises on her forehead/shins from not looking where she's going or getting over excited and falling over! She went through a phase a few months ago of headbutting things when she was told no so we had months of a constant bruised head!

  • Mr Tickle!

    His giggles always makes the kids smile!

    They just don't make  cartoons like this anymore!

  • My little boy is like Mr Nonsense, he likes to make up a load of weird words and names for people. My little girl is like little miss tidy, she always wants to hoover, and its always first thing in the morning when everyone is trying to sleep!

  • my little girl loves little miss sunshine and that best describes her to a tee.

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