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Which Mr Men or Little Miss character is your child like? Tell Egmont Books: birthday party to win!



  • my little niece Tiffany who is 7 is like Little Miss Chatterbox as she is always talking, singing or moaning lol

  • My lil girl is like miss messy she not only creates a mess but she's far from girlie what starts off as pretty dress and pony tail neat hair she ends up looking like worse gummidge haha x

  • My son is is Mr Tickle, I have never known anyone as ticklish as him and as he loves to be tickled he always tries to make other people laugh by tickling them.  We went through a rough period last year and it was suggested that we try gentle massage to de stress him.  The problem was that he thought it was tickling torture and squealed with delight when we squeezed his neck.

    my daughter is a cross between little miss naughty and little miss bossy.  She is 4 and half years younger than her brother but she is most definitely in charge. She has him dressed up and is constantly shouting orders at him.  Thanks to her we have some fantastic pictures of her brother in princess outfits!  She is also very naughty, although she would definitely deny this.  We caught her drawing on the wall with a pen in her hand and she blamed her brothe.  Another time she took our pudding from the fridge, when I walked into the kitchen and saw her with chocolate on her face, I asked her if she had eaten the chocolate pudding and she shook her head.  I asked her to open her mouth (which I knew was full) and she opened her mouth with her teeth grit closed.

  • Our favourite is Mr. Muddle -  It always makes my sin chuckle

  • Of course that should say son!!! - maybe I'm Mrs Muddle

  • Little Miss Chatterbox for my little one as she never stops talking from the minute she gets up til the minute she goes to bed!

  • I asked my daughter. Apparently I am Little Miss Bossy, her dad is Mr Greedy, her sister is Little Miss Naughty and she is Little Miss Sunshine! Is there a Little Miss Cheeky? If so, I think that's her.

  • My son is just like Mr Bump. He has so much energy he accidentally runs into walls, trips over things and manages to bump himself in the safest of surroundings. Let's just say I always have some plasters in my handbag!

  • little miss curious, as she is always having a look to see what her big brother is up to and usually follows him into his mischief too. He would be mr mischief for sure imageimageimage

  • My 2 year old son is Mr Messy, im forever cleaning up after him or wiping his cheeky little face! 

  • My favourite has always been Mr Tickle

  • My daughter without a doubt is Little Miss Chatterbox! She never stops talking from the moment her eyes open in the morning. Bless her.

  • My 7 year old has got to be Mr Clumsy he's always falling over and has bruises on his legs all of the time

  • Little Miss Chatterbox. Reminds me of my sister when she was at school, always being told off in lessons!

  • I find that most babies remind me of Mr Muddle

  • Our all time favourite is Mr Tickle, and we use that nickname for my husband! Our children love being tickled and they love this story. They are always in fits of giggles about it. I also remember it being one of my favourites when I was younger too! My daughter is turning 5 this year, and this would be the perfect birthday theme for her party - so different and unique! Our son on the other hand, is definitely Mr Bump! Haha 

  • Thanks for all your wonderful posts. This thread is now closed to entries.

    We'll announce the winner on Monday 20th June. Good luck to all!

  • Apologies for the delay in announcing the winner, folks. Bit of admin trouble picking the names out of the hat!

    Anyway, the winner of the Mr-Men themed birthday party goodies is.... Nevesmummy.

    Congrats! We'll pop you a mail to get your postal details.

    Thanks again to everyone else who took part in this Sponsored discussion. We wish you could all win!

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