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Tell SmarTrike what amazing things about the world your child’s discovered. SmarTrike Dream to win!


One of the best things about being a parent is watching your child discover new sights and sounds in the world around them – from the birds in the sky and the bus on the road to the trees in the park and ducks on the pond.

If you have a child aged between 10 months and 2 years, SmarTrike wants to know all about the best discoveries your child has made recently – and you could win a SmarTrike Dream (pictured below), worth £110, for telling us!

To be in with a chance of winning, please post on this thread to describe the best and most fun discoveries your child has made while he or she has been out and about with you.

Don’t forget to tell us how old your child is, where you were, what your child discovered and how your child reacted.

Feel free to post up pics, too – SmarTrike would LOVE that! 

We're looking forward to reading about – and seeing – some really lovely moments of small-child fascination, astonishment and curiosity!

Everyone who posts about their child's moments of discovery on this thread will be entered into a prize draw to win 1 of 5 SmarTrike Dreams.

We'll keep this thread open until Friday July 22nd and we’ll announce the winners’ names on Monday July 25th.

This discussion is sponsored by SmarTrike, the award-winning range of tricycles for children aged 10 months and up. You can find out more about SmarTrike here.




  • I have been taking my son out for a walk most days down our local canal, it has been a fantastic experience for us both, we have watched a mummy swan looking after her eggs in a nest and the daddy protecting her by swimming around her, all the way through to the babies being born, and now they are in the water! Its been beautiful to watch and my son has been absolutely fascinated and was so thrilled when he fed the babies today! he calls them 'my swam family ' and loves going to see them! The daddy is very calm around him imageand even took straight from our hand! -I couldn't get a picture of that as we are close to the water, but here they all are today! Absolutely wonderfu!

  • My toddler just loves water - we get many laughs from passer bys when he is so wet that eventually I no linger care when is is no longer simply splashing in puddles but sitting in them!

  • My little boy loves feeding the ducks (but sometimes he also likes to feed himself too!) Last time I took him, I let him hold the bread whilst in his pram.. put it this way, there wasn't much left for the hungry ducks!!

  • We have a black labrador who my daughter absolutely adores, its so heartwarming to see them together because our lab doesnt leave her side and she constantly talks to him as if he were a person saying things like "we cant leave our shoes there because they live in the cupboard"!

  • Birds!! My 18month old little boy absolutely loves birds!

    It started off with a funny cartoon episode about birds which he found very funny! And now he looks for birds wherever we go, he's always staring out the window if we're at home looking in the trees. Out and about he'll make you jump by all of a sudden shouting "BIRD!" really loud if he spots one and repeatedly saying "there, there! over there!"

  • would love this for my grandchild

  • My toddler (19 months) is such a character but just recently it's like she's discovered how funny she is too. She stands in front of the mirror just saying her name, playing boo at herself and will run off and come back and be surprised to still see herself. It's the innocence and the pure joy that brings that makes it so amazing. xx

  • i have enjoyed being a mum and i am so proud of my son he is 2 now his birthday was on 21/06 and he loved opening he gifts and he loves going to the park looking at cars,people,dogs saying hello with a big smile he trys to talk to everyone he is such a joyful boy and he enjoys looking around at everythink he sees and know's everytime we walk to the shop he allways step on every drane he sees i dont no y but i find it so cute and he also know loving family faces he also loves music because everytime a song he loves comes on the radio or tv he smile and then dances crazy to the song and he does that to cartoons he love wotching as well he also loves to make a mess with food and drink we give him.he like to hide food under he bottem and when mummy and daddy picks him up we would get it all over our cloths.i would love this for my child to make a more enjoyable days for him to grow and lean to ride a bike with every step of the way step by step it would also make my life so much easyer to get him out of the pushchair once in a while.

  • me and my 14 monthold baby boy like to put nuts and other food at the bottom of the garden and sit back to watch the squirrels climb down the trees and eat the food. we love to watch the baby squirrels playing and chasing each other about, my son has discovered baby squirrels are just as active as little boys :)

  • image

    My little boy is 17 months old, just today we attended an emergency services open day at our local police and fire stations. My little boy took it upon himself to climb into the driver seat of a police car, which was open on display  the purpose of the day. He was playing with the steering wheel and having a good nosey around inside when all of a sudden the sirens started sounding!! I nearly jumped out of my skin being stood at side of the vehicle but my little boy just started making his version of a "nee nah" sound like  had done something great. A police officer came rushing over by which point I had taken my little boy out of the car and he turned off the siren. The officer found it funny that George had been the first child to find the siren all day and he was probably one of the youngest too 🙈

  • the best thing my 2 year old has discovered recently was when he realised that he was a big brother. He's incredibly gentle with elliot ( I did worry at first that he may be jealous and lash out ) 

    he loves to stroke his head, pop his dummy in and help me hold the bottle whilst I'm feeding him! Such a sweet boy- I'm very lucky 😊


  • We absolutely love feeding the duck! And when we visiting grandparents in summer time we go fishing!

  • well my daughter was born 6 weeks premature and was seriously ill in hospital for 7 week.

    after almost loosing her we finally got to fetch her home. now at 18 month she has just started to walk.

    we took her on her 1st holiday and my gosh did she love exploring the aand and sea between her toes.

    my daughter is definatley a little miracle and walking is 1 obsticle she has beaten. now time for more memories to be made

  • My little boy has discovered the button that switches off the washing machine. Fun fun fun x

  • My 14 months old son liked how I'm cooking food and how I make chapatti. He likes his food and always tries to help me with his tiny hands. so cute

  • My son is nearly 15 months and started exploring nature. I daily take hI'm to parks. he likes people moving around. he likes birds. he loves to sit on swings. he is learning how to hug and tries to give huggy omg so cute he looks when he gives me kissy. Love him so much

  • My sister is deaf so she uses sign languag with my daughter. My 12 months old daughter looks at her and tries to talk with her and sometimes get upset feel like she's thinking why she doesn't speak with like all of us. But one thing my daughter stays happy when she goes into my sister's lap. They both have a strong bond. And whenever my sister tries to amuse her she tries to respond to my sister completely. i feel like my daughter is very sensible and feels for my sister. 

  • My daughter is up to 14 months now and whenever I do gardening she comes wi me and likes what I am doing she helps . She likes roses and tries to smell them. she looks at butterflies and birds. She likes their chirping sounds And tries to copy them. 

  • My 10 month old has just discovered peek a boo behind curtains this keeps him entertained for ages and he actually shouts boo sometimes he has started just today to watch TV upside down which he finds very funny and loves seeing dogs and cats he screams with excitement 

  • My baby is 10 months and 10 days now and he started making sounds of things like real words. Now he shows interest in everything . He crawls everywhere around the house and wants to walk but litt bit nervous but feels like he will start walking soon. now he turns his music toys on and off and experience where the voice is coming from. my son is a clever and lovely boy.

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