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  • I chose the bugaboo Chameleon because my friend had one, and recommended it.  It was such a big choice, I had to be sure that I was buying the right buggy. I'm really happy with it so far, and although I find it easy to fold etc. it is a bit heavy, but it has to be to be sturdy!

  • I had my sisters Bugaboo Bee 3 pushchair and then lent it to someone who has yet to return it, she clearly likes it

  • Our Bugaboo Donkey is great it is easy to push especially one handed, stylish, the only gripe i have is we have had several punctures in the space of a few months, but its still one of my favourites

  • Wow wow wow, I just loved my bugaboo bee!!! After careful consideration me and dad decided that this would be the ideal purchase for our son, born November 2013. What a great choice we made, I can't stress how great this pushchair is. We didn't need to buy another pushchair as my son grew, as the brilliant bugaboo bee lasted from birth up until my son no longer needed to be pushed around. There are so many brilliant things about the bee, it was so easy to collapse and fitted easily in my little Mini Cooper Car boot. The design is so bang on trend! Dad researched for months focusing on safety features as a deciding factor before our purchase and the bugaboo ticked every box! 

    Now with a little girl due in November 2016 I know without any hesitation what pushchair to get ... The only decision to make is pink or red?????

  • I have a bugaboo cam 2 and knew even before I was pregnant that I would be joining the bugaboo brigade! There is just something about them that makes them stand out above the crowd, and no other pushchair brand I've come across seems to have quite such a cult following! 

    Our first outing was to a retail park nearby and I remember struggling to unfold the pram and clip the car seat on 😂 I always found the car seat a massive faff to attach and remove (more so the adaptors to the car seat than to the buggy). Once I'd got the hang of unfolding it after a few more trips out it was a breeze. And I know on the cam 3's it's much improved! 

    I love going out and about with my bugaboo - we live in Surrey so it has to cope with a large range of terrains as we go to the park, walks in the woods and round the shops. I find it so easy to push, even with one hand round the supermarket. I love the way it looks too - I have a limited edition black frame and a collection of hoods which I swop depending on my mood! 

    I find it sturdy yet light, and it's easy to fold and put up again. It would be nice to be able to fold the chassis with the seat unit on, but it's not a deal breaker as it takes 5 seconds) and if there was ever a way to make the carrycot and car seat have a one-handed release that would be magical! Personally I would prefer a foot break...but that's just me. A peep window in the hoods would be a welcome addition On a new model. I'm slightly worried about how long it will last my daughter as she's tall and the seat back isn't, but we'll see! 

    I think i will always have bugaboos - I'm looking for a bee for a spare and already can't wait to buy the donkey when we have baby no.2! 

  • We bought the cameleon 3 in sand (as we kept the he or she bit a surprise) ready for our first bundle of joy, now 2 months sister had a Bee and I always loved how well it handled, how good it looked and how my nephew seemed to love it. So there was no contest really that Bugaboo was for us, although we did try out some others, but just kept coming back to the beloved bugaboo brand.

    We chose the Cameleon as it was slightly bigger than the Bee and we didnt need a 'city buggy'. Also some of the features the Cameleon had seemed to tick boxes. We did wonder about the break being on the handle bar but now using it I don't think twice about it - its so natural to use.

    We love the simplicity of the design - 'just remember white means action' was a tip we heard early on about the bugaboo buttons - this makes the buggy so simple to use. We love the way it keeps surprising us too as we hadn't realised the hood unzipped and extended to make a sun canopy - this is brilliant (for the moments we actually get some sun). The bassinet is really solid and love that you can use as a travel cot for short trips away. We can't wait to use the seat to see how it can sit separately. So easy to steer one handed. Its really great going over terrain whether locking the big wheels at the front or using the two wheel option. We love the versatility it provides. It's fairly lightweiget and can be made smaller to get into the boot of my little car. The wheels are so easy to get off too. There are lots of handy add ons (if slightly tricky for me to clip on and off, my hubby does it easily).

    The only thing I would change slightly (like others) is access to the basket - by possible lifting the height of the bassinet, would be great to be able to throw things in or pull out without being really rummaging or taking the bassinet off. However given all the great attributes overall this doesn't put us off. 

    It's just a very classy and chic buggy. We are already planning  to buy a donkey (when the time comes)

    - can't wait!!! 

    Bugaboos are .......


    Gorgeously versatile

    Admired by others 

    Basic to use (white means action) 


    Ooze style 


  • I don't have a child yet but i'm a loving auntie and my sister has told me about the Cameleon that she has at the moment for my niece. She absolutely loves it and has used Bugaboo for her four children. She loved the carrycot as my niece would sleep soundly in there so she must have been pretty comfy! My sister doesn't drive either so she did a lot of walking with it everyday and she said it is so sturdy and great quality and was perfect for all weathers. Plus the fact that you can adjust the wheels to suit different terrains came in handy when we went to the Lake District and did a few family friendly walks as it can turn and move around easily. She used the carrycot for six months and she used to put my niece in it to sleep when visiting so that was so handy. Shes now in the pushchair and it still looks great! It really is worth the money, its safe, secure and the designs are fantastic! My other sister who is my twin is having a baby due in December so she is going to get a Bugaboo as well.  

  • I have a bugaboo bee and I absolutely love it; it is lightweight, looks very comfy and really easy to manoeuvre around. I deliberated between the bee and chameleon but ultimately decided on the bee because it is lighter. 

  • We bought our bugaboo bee3 just a few months ago and don't regret it at all. We bought it because it was stylish but has ended up being brilliantly practical too for London where we live. Easy to get on buses and fold up if needbe as well as easy to manoeuvre around a park on sleep deprived mornings.  Sometimes a ride in the bugaboo is the only thing that will calm our little girl down! 

  • After doing a lot of pram research( and pushing lots of them around the baby shop I bought a Bugaboo Chamelion 3 with the Andy Warhol designer hood and I love it! its so eye catching and the pram itself is fantastic. Once i got the hang of folding it and attaching the car seat ( after a quite embarrassing clueless moment at my 1st breastfeeding support group) I haven't looked back. My little girl settles well in it and after she was born a wee walk in the carrycot was sure to send her to sleep. image

  • I have a bugaboo bee. There is a reason why they are everywhere in London. They really are a good city buggy. They are light, suitable from birth, and easy to get into tight spaces in shops, buses, and on the tube.


    I really am disappointed by how my bee has held up and therefore would warn people to think carefully before paying the hefty price tag.

    The tyres are not made at all to go off road which I expected. What I didn't expect was that even going to the local park isn't great if it is muggy or the minimal amount of leaves that completely stuff up the wheels. Even worse is that the wheels have not held up after doing 18 months of commuting two miles a day back and forth for drop off/pick up. After spending so much money, you would think that they would last longer.

    My second issue is size. My 18mo son is outgrowing the buggy. How is that even possible? The straps don't fit over his shoulders and when I put the canopy out, it brushes his head. Which means that he absolutely hates it. Instead I've been using a sun hat. So again, not ideal given the price tag.

    Finally, after 18 months, the handle bar is not staying in place. This just started happening but it is very frustrating to be walking along and having the handle bar collapse into the shortest position. Very frustrating to have another issue.

    So, is it a good buggy? Yes. But I was really hoping that all the great points would mean that I wouldn't have to buy another buggy and sadly that is not the case.

  • Really easy to push around and comfortable safe seat.

  • i love our bugaboo so easy to use update and baby loves it i have too i have a cameleon and a frog and i love them both.i have a few footmuffs and loves the seat and the snack tray feature

  • after doing lots of research on buggies before my daughter was born, we purchased a different brand online but when it arrived, I knew we had made a mistake and my heart really wanted a Bugaboo Cameleon. I knew my precious bundle would be safe and content in the buggy, as well as stylish! We have a Ford Fiesta so the next task was to make sure a Bugaboo would fit in the small boot, and of course, it did. 

    I can not begin to tell you how amazing my Bugaboo is! It comes everywhere with me, on my daily walks around the woods, through the local town cobbled streets and across fields to visit local ponies. This buggy is a life saver and I can't wait to have another baby so I can buy another Bugaboo!

  • We have the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 and we absolutely love it. It's a dream to push and you could just feel the quality of the material. Baby is very comfortable in it. I love the colours and unlike some other brands, Bugaboo always manages to choose the right shades. That said I'm not a big fan of the basket. It's not easy to get stuff in and out of there, either with the carrycot or the seat. That said the basket is very good for sneaking extra stuff in when you take it to the gate for a flight. And I also would have preferred a foot brake. 

    All in all, we wholeheartedly recommend the Bugaboo Cam3

  • I absolutely love by Bugaboo and I can't imagine life without it. Most importantly my daughter loves it, it's comfortable and cosy and I'm 100% confident in its safety. It folds up small and neat, and is easily portable in the car, perfect for family trips and days out. 

  • I love how adaptable my Bugaloo Cameleon is. It's so trustworthy and sturdy that I feel like I can bring it anywhere, from the supermarket and throughout town to a nature walk in the forest. It's comfortable, sturdy and practicable while also being easy to clean and neat.

  • I love how cost effective they are, adapting as my baby grows. They feel safe and sturdy and are a wonderful every day investment.

  • I love how it has the approval, respect and confidence of other mums, meaning I'm reassured of my Bugaboo's high quality. It has a nice smooth, steady push and is light while feeling sturdy and supported.

  • image

    We love our bugaboo bee. I chose because it's so light weight and compact so easy to carry and get into my small car!  I think it's important to parent face as long as possible and the style of the bee allows that. Also I love all the accessories!!!

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