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Got a Bugaboo Cameleon? Or other Bugaboo pram? Tell Bugaboo what you think of it: voucher to win!



  • I have a Bugaboo Chameleon3 which is the best pushchair I have ever had ! It's so versatile and the material is of a high quality and very robust - even with the use of two very rambuctious children !

    I love the stylish and understated design. However, the best feature has to be the ease in which it unfolds - you just have to lift the handlebar with one hand and it's ready to go .  After the nightmare experiences I've had with other pushchairs it's a dream!  Added features such as the 3 position reclinable seat and three wheel set ups are a godsend for naptime !

    The price is also good considering the excellent quality, durability and extra features.

    I would definitely fully recommend the pushchair to anyone !

  • I have never owned a Bugaboo, but, I am researching pushchairs for the eventual arrival of my first Grandchild as it will be a gift to my Daughter when her baby is born. She has been hinting for a Bugaboo but as we still have no idea if she will have twins or not then we wait with baited breath. It seems like Bugaboo pushchairs are a firm favourite with all of those who have experienced using one, which is a reassuring thing to know, especially as we might be buying one for our firist Grandchild.

  • Hi everyone, I was dreaming of owning a bugaboo before even being pregnant so when my son was born, my partner and I decided it was time to splash out on a Cameleon3. I think it's the most lovely pushchair there is but it can get pricey when you can swap the fabrics which I may do when we have another baby.

    The only things I'd change about it are that the tiny front wheels are a little too small for my liking and the basket was very hard to access when we used the carrycot with our newborn. My favourite bit is that nobody has another one exactly like yours because there's so many colours and special editions to choose from. Overall we love it and highly recommend.

  • I love them, great colours and great designs. The side-by-side one was too wide for me so had the one behind the other instead which has been lovely. It's comfortable has plenty of room and is lasting well.

  • Looking at one for my daughter as a gift for her  she is expecting soon they look great and feel very good quality 

  • imageimageimage

    I have bee plus and cameleon

    love them both

    bee plus it's great for the traveling around by train or car. It's small and light goes well in the car boots.

    cameleon it's great for long walks around the park and forest. 

    I have my first bee in 2008 when my first girl was born.

    i always recom the bugaboo for my all new mum friends.

    its the best pushchair that you can buy 

    can't live without it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Love my bugaboos 😍

  • image

    Have a bee and enjoy it. Here is a favourite picture from when the little one was so little that you couldn't even see his face in the baby cocoon.

  • Saved my life! Easy to move, comfortable for my child, easy to fold! 

  • Ive got a bugaboo bee 3 and its amazing! I'd had 2 other prams before but they were soon relegated. We have travelled all over the world with  our bee (Texas, Thailand, the canaries and Mexico to name a few places) and I highly recommend the travel bag. Our pushchair has arrived safely each time and has sustained no damage. It's great to be able to cover my little girl up with the breezy hood and she stays cool and out the sun whilst still being able to lie flat. In winter the footmuff keeps her snug and warm. The bee is easy to fold up and down as its a one piece fold and fits easily in the boot of my car. I love all the accessories you can get for the bugaboo's and the snack tray is great when on the move.

  • I haven't got a Bugaboo but have always thought they were pretty nice looking. Hopefully for our next baby :)

  • Great modern design and easy to move. Cannot fault in any way

  • I'm a self confessed Bugaboo addict! Having ditched the initial Quinny pushchair I bought in favour of Bugaboo Cameleon 3 back in September 2013, I have never looked back. Since 'upgrading' to two boys in October 2015, I'm now the proud owner of a Donkey Duo Black and a Bee Plus All Black along with hundreds of pounds of Bugaboo accessories, I can truly say that I have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. t's true to say that of all the pushchairs on the market in the John Lewis baby department, the Bugaboo offering immediately appears the moimagest ‘desirable’ modern, aesthetic and robust. The brand definitely score full marks for styling and personality with the variety of colour ways and limited editions on offer. I seriously never thought I’d see my pushchair as a fashion accessory when I began my motherhood journey, but I have since proven myself wrong. Much to my husbands’ distaste, I now own a variety of hoods/footmuffs and liners so I can update and chop and change to suit the weather (and sometimes even my choice of handbag - yikes!). Whatever your taste, there is a combination to suit anyone.

    When it comes to usability, I challenge anyone to argue that pushing a Bugaboo one handed with a latte in the other is a hardship. The pushchairs literally glide along the pavements with the lightest of touch. There really is no comparison.

    I’m a true believer that you get what you pay for, so if you want a hardworking, stylish pushchair with a good resale value, look no further than a Bugaboo.

  • I love the colour of it and it's easy to push off road.

  • We have the bugaboo donkey, it truly is the best pram ever and I've had a few! Its amazing to push and seems really comfy, my children love it! I always recommend it to anyone in need of a double pram!

  • We bought our cameleon 3 in 2013 and I'm so glad we made the decision to go with it. My husband's a design engineer and immediately approved of the sturdy construction and clever design features. I liked its good looks, roomy storage and the fact that it had a proper bassinet for newborns. This was definitely the one baby product it was worth investing in; three years later and we are on baby number 2. I have used (and abused) it solidly during this time. It has been on beaches, cliff top trails and heavy woodlands let alone countless trips to the park and shops. The majority of my friends who bought other buggies or travel systems found themselves buying a second pushchair as their original model became cumbersome or developed faults. We have had no issues at all with our bugaboo. It rides as smoothly and pushes as easily as it did on day one. Even when laiden down with a baby, shopping bags and a buggy board. The only time we have used customer service was when a part was recalled, they were courteous, professional and prompt in their service. I genuinely sing the praises of my trusty bugaboo and have recommended them to all my first-time mum friends without reserve. 

  • “this Bugaboo is like an enthusiastic puppy – every time I use it, I think it’s going to be annoying but it just keeps impressing me like a puppy wagging its tail!”

    A strange comparison to make perhaps, but I was very pleased to hear this from my husband who’d been sulking about our Bugaboo Buffalo for the previous few weeks!  It was a bit of an epic task for us to choose a pushchair (*see also holidays, cars, living room paint colour, picnic blankets…you get the picture) but having finally decided on the Buffalo, I loved it.  My husband thought we’d made a mistake; complaining that it was too big, too difficult to fit in the car and too hard to fold down.  Once I showed him the online video to demonstrate the fold, and showed him how to fold the bassinet flat to go in the car (so that he could still fit his golf clubs in the boot!), all was forgiven and as you can tell from the ‘enthusiastic puppy’ quote, he loves it now too!

    We decided on the Bugaboo Buffalo after seeing another Mum on the school run with one, and thinking it looked great.  I also heard great things about Bugaboos from my friend who has a Cameleon, so after doing LOTS of online research and trying it out in store, I ordered it.  The Grey Melange fabric set had just been released when I ordered it too, so I chose that and decided to go for the black frame.  I’m absolutely delighted with how it looks, and after 3 months it still looks brand new. (I emailed Bugaboo just this week to ask if they are planning to release a Grey Melange footmuff too and they are –but shhhh they haven’t announced it yet!)

    We have a 7 year old daughter too, and I hated the pushchair I had for her.  The Bugaboo Buffalo is in a different class. A dream to push (and even easy for my 7 year old to push too - see pic below!), easy to fold/unfold, feels so sturdy and solid, and every detail is so well thought out.  The extendable hood means there’s no need for a parasol sunshade (which I find fidly and would also ruin the sleek look of the Buffalo), and the bag clips are so simple but perfectly placed.  Another major win for me is the ENORMOUS storage underneath. When we’re on the school run, I can fit my older daughter’s rucksack, plus at least 2 bags of shopping in there!

    My daughter is 12 weeks old today and we’ve already taken the Buffalo on many adventures.  We’ve been on a beach and on many, many country walks – it’s a breeze to push on any kind of surface.  We’ve done 12 week of school runs in every kind of weather the glorious British summer has thrown our way (special mention to the raincover which has to be the easiest I’ve ever put on a pushchair!).  We’ve also done 3 trips away, and each time we’ve managed to load the car boot with luggage for all 4 of us and still fitted in the Buffalo with the bassinet too.

    I’m absolutely delighted we picked the Bugaboo Buffalo and am looking forward to many more adventures over the next few years. If we’re lucky enough to win the vouchers, I may even invest in the Bugaboo Runner so that I can get back to running again.


  • I would love a Bugaboo - a friend of mine had one and swore by it. They are robust and easy to use. Perfect for any terrain too which is ideal for me living in the countryside.

  • Loved mine! It was practical, easy to use and looked super cool! Always got lots of compliments about it :)

  • Thank you everybody for your posts.

    We're going to close this thread now, and we'll announce the winner shortly.

  • Hello again. Just re-opening the thread briefly to announce the name of our winner.

    And it's... TanyaCookie. Congratulations! We'll drop you an email to get your details. 

    Commiserations to everyone else. Please keep an eye out for our future Sponsored threads - hopefully, you'll be the lucky one next time!

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